Vandalism and Xenophobic

To my mind, vandals and xenophobia are twin that have no place in this modern age. Often in times, the reaction is seriously flawed with baseless reasons.

People in this category believed all life challenges can only be solved using one tactic – violence.

Only last week, I was walking through my town early in the morning, around my old neighbourhood at Akarabata Street so spotted my little sister’s old primary school.

For the first time I noticed that LA Primary School Alapata was burnt during the last

LA Primary School Alapata, Modakeke
LA Primary School Alapata, Modakeke

crisis of Ife and Modakeke – the memory came back fresh. Really? They got here? – it has been 18 years, yet the building remained a shell.

Why do people destroy properties? For what purpose especially in our case that there is a likelihood that the structure will never be refurbished.

How do we change people’s mentality not to destroy public properties and businesses during disagreement?

LA Primary School Alapata
LA Primary School Alapata

I only remember this today when reading online comments about South Africa xenophobic attitude towards Nigerians and other African foreigners in the region.

MTN Nigeria Corporate Services Executive in his remarks urge Nigerians not to attack MTN offices in Nigeria as the first people to suffer will obviously be Nigerians. Mr Wale Goodluck made this remarks because of threats Nigerians have made to destroy their offices given it was a South African company.

What is it with us and wastefulness? So Nigerians are being attacked in SA, we must destroy SA business in Nigeria? How does that solve the problem of people losing their homes, businesses and lives in SA?

Sadly, this is the order of the day, someone says something one disagrees with, the next thing is destroy their property?

Maybe another point to add to Buharis’ long to-do list is that vandals of any kind to be illegal and punishable by law. Enough of eye for an eye.