Allow GMB to earn our respect

“… if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Albert Einstein

My friend hitting her forehead lightly trying hard to remember Nigeria president’s name. This shouldn’t be a big deal but I have known my Trini friend for the best part of 15 years to know politics isn’t one thing she enjoys talking about. I was amazed she was trying as I didn’t know she cared that much, she wasn’t remembering the name because it was anything like Singapore Lee Kuan Yew but all because of the Chibok girls.

“Yes, you see, that #BBOG really got me” Eve said. “Thank you” was all I could mutter.

Another friend from Canada who has heard of Chibok girls wrote “I’m hearing on the news about the Nigeria elections today. What do you make of it?”

Me response: “Overall it has been peaceful compared to any in recent history and we have managed to vote out our Clueless president which is a massive victory and unprecedented – assumed office as part of ‘it’s my turn’ policy. Fingers crossed, this will be the beginning of progress for the country.”

M replied “Sounds like very good news for Nigeria then. Hope positive changes follow quickly without causing unrest.”

I posted these exchanges because sometimes, Nigerians are caught up with ‘other people’ want to see us fail but in reality most people are everyday people who feel our pains – the pains of ordinary citizens, they do indeed wish us well.

That is done. Now it’s the time to congratulate GMB and at the same time let the man earn our respect.

I was quite young during Buhari’s regime in the early 80’s but old enough to remember his attitude towards corruption and of course whatever that was then was mere stealing, now it has gone beyond corruption.

I remember there were saying about Buhari and Idiagbon to be no-nonsence leaders. One thing that stood out for me about Bihari’s time was that school children were made to recite WAI song (War Against Indiscipline) after national anthem everyday, my school did this religiously.

It goes:

“There is a monster called indiscipline

Living in Nigeria posing as a King;

It rules in our schools and churches and mosques

Controls our offices, markets and behaviour

We must kill indiscipline in thoughts, words and deeds

Sing this chorus day and night;

Drivers try –

Chorus: WAI for Nigeria

All Around Nigeria, with God as our Guide

W’ll win this War Against Indiscipline.”

My music teacher at the time, Mr Adio made us learn the song by heart within a few days and had lessons about the lyrics in class.

And of course that was all history the minute Buhari was pushed out in a coup.

Now, second time is lucky not just for GMB but for Nigerians who remembers how state schools were like in the 80s and what the remnants we have today. I belief whoever can see the decay in our school system and do something about is worth our praise.

While the president will call the shot on many major projects, Nigerians can not rely on him to be messiah – at the state and local levels, we must have leaders who best represent the interest of the people – it is only then we can have a little break.

Congratulations to us all.