Creating morality from bottom up

I don’t understand many church doctrines, I could perhaps read slowly so to assimilate but because the reality on the street is a complete contrast of what’s preached in the church, I’ll just leave it as is.

Father Charles Richardson was a well loved vicar in his church, known by many from the church and school as a great leader.

Then something happened, his private life was exposed – too many people to disappoint, too many uncomfortable explanations to make – the vicar took the only way to avoid having to face the ultimate ridicule – escaped it all by killing himself off the cliff near Dover months before he was due in court.

Father Charles was one of many that were found to have possessed indecent images of children bought from a Canadian company. The leaders of school and the church had been hinted of the Father’s offence but kept the church in the dark, saying  the Father has “taken a step back from ministry”

To feel a bit of Father Charles influence, here is the locals reactions. They were clearly disappointed to learn about the dark side of their beloved vicar, however what hurt most was them been kept in the dark until the end. 

One can not but admire the enlightenment of people here, they feel parishioners and communities deserved to know the truth about their leaders, even in death.

There is a myth in Nigeria that suggests our church leaders are different from the likes of Father Charles, even when we see it happening, one way or the other people helped conceal and also make excuses for such behaviour, even in death.

I once had a pastor who was up to date the most charming church leader I have ever met. He genuinely loved the choir and would shower us with praises. Pastor O always asked for us to be taking care first during special events and would order more fans to be directed towards the choir area when it was especially hot.

He came to my church with his son who was a bit older than me, his wife was back in their hometown somewhere in Ondo state. The pastor’s son and I became friend, mostly chat about non church stuff which was a huge relief.

This pastor, several years on, my old church can still point to many things he had initiated and completed successfully but for some reason, my church did not like him.

Elders in Nigeria Pentecostal churches, especially the traditional ones have power to remove any pastor if there were enough evidence of misconduct.

If the main issue here is the man of God abusing his position of trust, isn’t it better to insist every pastor have their wives at their station and being truthful about celibacy?

Anyways my pastor has gone way beyond pardon as he was caught red handed having affair with a 16 years old church member. The husbands and parents of young women were worried he’d make a pass on all eligible women – oh well.

Not a sin if you can keep it secret but becomes abomination when everyone knows? Before this time everyone thought celibacy is fantastic because  our ‘daddy’ is doing it. Really?

My old pastor was successfully removed only to be transferred to yet another church, will he change? I doubt it.

Case closed, it is frowned upon to even mention his name let alone talk about what he did.