After tackling corruption, then what?

If there is one thing many Nigerians are excited about the newly elected president for, it will be his ability to not shy away from punishing corrupt pubic officials. This is based on historical actions in the early 1980s. Nigeria has since changed significantly, corruption was in its infancy stage at that time, now it is full-blown – maybe a whole different ball game for GMB administration.

Observing what has happened in the last twenty years, our problem could not just be about stealing public funds, it is a bit more complex than that.

NNPC $20 billion missing money will be sorted, life will go on but for the sake of argument, when corruption is curbed, what else should the government focus on?

At a conference last year, a lady gave a passionate speech encouraging fathers to attend school PTA meetings so they too could be involved in discussions about events affecting their children in school. The lady expressing her concerns and disappointment in the fact that men’s views about PTA meeting is such that it is women’s job.

So I elbowed my conference friend who is a father and had four children at school to see what he thought of the speech.

He laughed and shook his head sideways and said to me ‘That’s women’s job.”

As we have sat together for three days, I felt comfortable enough to share my thoughts.

“You are right, it’s women’s job, but what I don’t get is why we have lots of men’s leaders when all responsibilities involved is beneath them.”

In the last few years, Kano alone has sponsored over a thousand mass wedding for women in the state. This is mainly because of high divorce rate among young adults. Women are mostly affected by this as they were married out young, and men are free to take on new wives on send out the ones they deemed no longer the right match on to the streets with their children.

To keep women married to ‘anyone’ the government spent 287 million naira in one ceremony to marry off 1,111 women two years ago. For some of the women, it is their second or third marriage.

How I wish these women could be given options:

To be re-married paid for by the state?


Learn a trade and help with welfare support to keep children in school?

Buhari may not necessarily agree with Kano mass wedding, however gender imbalance of his transition team is disappointing.

Corruption likely to be brought into more manageable low, however, our leaders must represent the population they lead.


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