Minister of Common Sense

It is hard to ignore Senator Ben Murray-Bruce speeches, not because he was saying anything  new but because public officials in his position seldom talk about fundamental issues.

I think his proposal of Minister of Common Sense to be incorporated in all of our ministries is spot on. Someone brings in an idea, everyone looked at the logistics around it and the final stage would be for the Minister of Common Sense to say the final word, that’ll be so cool!

Many of our initiatives just do not make any sense – Senator in this speech broke it down from lack of access to sound education to all to lack of population control.

Senator Ben Murray-Bruce is not alone in saying that in order for the very rich to survive in Nigeria, there must be adequate provision of opportunities for the poor to survive as well.

In the absence of pulling everyone along, the country has created what we now have in the north-east.

One other aspect of the Senator’s speech that I enjoy is not shifting blames to different party )at least not in this one).

11:58 is where his Minister of Common Sense suggestion came in.