Hope on the horizon for Osun State workers

While I think Governor Aregbesola has set Osun State in good path for years to come especially with the new public school buildings across the state, (fingers crossed they will all be functional soon), also the apprenticeship schemes such as the handset assembly factory etc. I still could not understand why state workers are left in limbo. I hope our governor and his team aren’t paid for these past seven months either – only fair.

Not sure what the federal government is doing with this but I think this attitude of owing staff must stop as in the end everyone suffers.

Thankfully, most people in the state rely on farming and trading for a living otherwise it would have been worse. However, after seven months of non-payment, now even non government staff are feeling the pinch as spending behaviour has changed.

My old lady is owed for food stuff – she doesn’t give in to selling for credit easily but everyone is aware of what is going on so makes it harder to turn good people down – Please Ogbeni pay salary o!


I hear all about reduced federal allocation, but we all see this long ago – hardly enough reason to keep begging. Eebu alo ni t’ahun…

On a lighter note:

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) representative on the weekend called on christians to bring food to the church to help fellow members get through hard time.

This is a brilliant initiative coming from the church, quite pleased to hear.

Thinking about it, three of the most renowned Nigerian televangelists have their roots in Osun state and are all in favour of Ogbeni during the last campaign and plenty of ‘courtesy visits’ photos to show for it.

If CAN is going to call ordinary people to help, I hope the church would loose the purse strings too – after all it is all about saving life for Christ.