Looking inward to increase sub-saharan Africans’ lower than average IQ

Professor Drew Fraser 2005 views on multiculturalism in Australia attracted quite a few heated debates as the Professor of Law was convinced Sub-Saharan Africans has never developed due to their lower than average IQ.

Debates on people of certain race being more intelligent than others is not going away anytime soon even when it is clear the assertion is baseless.

At 2:00 Prof. Fraser asks people to use the search engine to get up to date information to back up his views.

Wait for it… listen to what he has to say in 5:24

Why am I not upset about Prof Fraser’s views?

When the Prof is bored with seeing too many Sub-Saharan Africans up his alley, he goes online to search for current news on Nigeria leaders, below is what he sees:

This event happened in November last year when one of our lawmakers was prevented from entering the National Assembly.

Maybe we need to look inward and start to use our lower than average IQ to hold our lawmakers accountable.

Waste of time arguing with the likes of this Prof.