Nigeria: Where presidential election campaign is another aso ebi craze

It is commendable seeing politicians gathering for photos without Owambe craze. Our issues are of many layers, hopefully we will work our way through shedding wasteful habits bit by bit.

Most of the time it is accumulation of small things that add up to become big issue. Why must election campaign be another Owambe? Is it important to Nigerians that campaigners and supporters be in uniform?

One small detail I have noticed lately since this election campaign started was the outfits worn on the campaign trail – trivial? Not really. In the case of Nigeria, it is a big deal, adds up.

Owambe is not all positive as we make it to be and when used to a great extent during election campaign, it is even more damaging because the money be it private or public could have been better spent on things that could directly add value to people’s life, dig one or two community toilet or borehole for a starter.

Other countries when campaigning for general elections would opt to wear t-shirts to support their party, but in our case it is a full attire costing the nation millions of naira.

I am sure both APC and PDP are guilty of this, however I have noticed on many occasion where APC, Buhari’s party opt to wear their everyday clothing on the campaign trail. However, in the case of our sitting president GEJ, it is shameful, women are worse – it is all without a fail Aso ebi

Why must we be in uniform when campaigning for public offices? This is one of the many ways Nigeria misplaced priorities of what people needed, it will take a visionary leader to see how wasteful this habit is.

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Photo credit: Dailymail





Presidential candidates and Aso Ebi craze



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These are the least annoying I have seeing, a quick browse online reveals more.

Jonathan Vs. Buhari – When sitting on the fence is not an option

Nigeria has its way of pushing the citizens to a tight corner – deliberately. A way to force us to choose one out of two evils – Buhari vs. Jonathan is what we get, then a choice, we must make.

Today, it’s not that hard to get a sense of what Nigerians are thinking about these two guys, not hard to see who is doing most of the thinking when multitude blindly follow. A quick glance in the department of Thought Farts aka Twitter would give more than one has bargained for. One person tweets and hundred others retweet without reading the content, if they did, I doubt most of the messages would get a single retweet.

Some people might say we are making use of our labour force, maybe – get them busy with free recharge cards and Blackberry – Bless the Canadians!

Not much to say about Buhari. I know my people, often in time,  Nigeria is perceived as a small village whereby the need of a small family unit is more important than that of a bigger community. Buhari is not the change we need and we all know that, he was there in Aso Rock once and far away from being our messiah. 

So I asked the Thought Farts department what the deal about Mr Yemi Osibanjo, Buhari’s running mate was. I was not disappointed as a patriot responded as thus:

“He’s a smart lawyer and intellectual with a track record of implementing reform.”

The response was excellent only that it wasn’t good enough to satisfy my curiosity, but I guess with only 140 TF characters, you can only say so much. I do hope the specifics ‘reforms’ is made known to the public so we better get to know what he stands for.

Not much to say about GEJ either. Nigerians say incumbent presidents always win in Nigeria, I say, why can’t we start from GEJ if indeed we are tired of the same old that has not benefitted average person on the road.

Still have not much to say about GEJ but a leader who gave a lavish wedding to his daughter two weeks after #Bringbackourgirls happened, is not worth my vote – all lives should matter. And yet today not only that the girls are still missing, many more lives regardless of gender have followed suit. 

Our ex-president Obasanjo deserved everything GEJ said about him and much more. OBJ imposed him on us so no pity for the old man there, they both deserved each other. Nigerians regardless of the tribe would do well to ignore both GEJ and OBJ as they are distractors that no one deserved. It is boss boy and master case, they’d settle their differences in Switzerland over cocktails.

I must choose – Buhari it is. With Buhari we can start on a clean slate and enough of the praises, must work to deserve it this time.