I was over a mile away before realising my phone had slipped through the cracks between the front basket of my bike, it was placed with a bottle of water in a cloth pouch, I thought I had tightened the end but somehow through the road bumps the phone slipped out to the sidewalk.

It was time to call upon God, “Please, let my phone be picked up by a Good Samaritan.”

Find iPhone says my phone is about 250 meters away from home. I tried calling the phone but calls went unanswered so I locked and left a number to call – pretty cool to be able to do this remotely.


My Good Samaritan, turns out to be a 13 year old boy, after picking up the phone, he gave it to his teacher at school, the teacher in turn called the number on the screen to give specifics of her office – beautiful world!

This is the time to know God so I thanked Him plenty for this miracle, the lady was kind to be flexible with when I could collect so I decided to let my phone rest a bit thinking all those very important calls from the royal family can wait until lunch time.

My sister shared her own story of lost and found from the other side – God’s own land, Nigeria. She found a phone lying by the side of a well (borehole without the engine), she called a number from the phone saved under ‘Mummy’, the lady on the other side sounds a bit panicky and asked many questions about her son that my sister had no answer for.

Turns out that Mummy lives in Lagos and the boy whose phone was found is at our local university, OAU so she gave the boy’s friend number to call, which she did only to be asked many more questions.

Sister had to convince the boy (I’ll can him Ade) that he is safe to collect his phone or if he likes, he could give her address of somewhere to drop the phone – by this time my sister said she regretted picking that phone in the first place as it turned out to be taking too much energy to convince the boy that she was not a kidnapper.

As it turned out, three weeks prior bad students on campus had raided Ade’s hostel room, they stole his laptop and mobile phone. His parents were worried for his safety but this sort of nasty theft happens a lot on campus, it continues to happen because first the thieves are amongst the students, secondly, they often get away with it.

The only time justice is served is when students unleash jungle justice on their mates.

Ade’s new phone is a relatively cheap smart phone so when that was stolen barely three weeks from the last one, he was really worried someone was on his case hence my sister’s Good Samaritan was in doubt. His phone was left in view as the thieves realised the effort to resell that particular phone isn’t worth it for them.