Ex President OBJ changing lane, Bishop Oyedepo opening the gate of hell: Cause for celebrations

Ex President OBJ defection to APC is a predictable one. Anyone who has been following the drama of Nigeria politics would not be surprised that given the old man, did not succeed in having his way with GEJ would eventually lead him to leaving PDP.

Not about anyone of us, more about power struggle.

After all Baba Iyabo is a Yoruba man, Kaka ki Kiniun s’akapo ekun, olode a lo lototo –  instead of a tiger to be custodian for a lion, they’d rather hunt independently.

No one is fooled by the defection, if OBJ was allowed, we would have had our very own Mugabe. GEJ being where he is today was not without GEJ firm support. He was the one that made Yar’Adua presidency possible despite knowledge of his health condition – shame on all of them for playing politics with the well-being of Nigerians.

I believe every word that Iyabo Obasanjo said about her father “We, your family, have borne the brunt of your direct cruelty and also suffered the consequences of your stupidity but got none of the benefits of your successes. Of course, anyone around you knows how little respect you have for your children.”

Now, the exciting bits for Nigerians:

Whether we care to admit it or not, religion plays a major role in Nigeria politics and for the most part not at all positive one – It is a cycle of repeated mediocre being allowed to rule us in the name of Jesus Christ or Mohammed in the case of the northern folks.

Words thrown back and forth with Bishop Oyedepo and ex-president is exciting – believe it or not, something great is going to come out of this. Just pray it continues.

For one, Nigeria celebrity pastors such as Oyedepo are untouchable, they communicate directly with God above on behalf of millions of Nigerians who can not afford to send their children to the church’s private universities but listened to this guy telling them GEJ is the God chosen.

Oyedepo knows his ‘onions’ after all he was one of the ‘holy’ men that accompanied GEJ to the Wailing Wall of Jerusalem, and he is not about to bite the fingers that fund his private unis.

GEJ resent visit to Oyedepo’s church is expected. What I don’t get was Oyedepo’s saying Gate of Hell would be released on people who did not vote Jonathan, Really?

What do you call what the folks in the north-east experiencing now, Gate of Heaven?

Get a grip, we know all your tactics, Nigeria is already going through hell and no one is scared by you swearing. Actually, Yoruba swear much more than praying!

Oyedepo is not alone on this, GEJ has already captured the heart of Adeboye of the Redeemed Church, and the other bling, bling guy of Warri.

It’s unfortunate that folks are having a go at one another defending Oyedepo and OBJ while we should really be rejoicing that finally someone, who by the way not a saint, has decided to tell the truth for once.

Like many of our many ex leaders, OBJ must do many more to earn any credit, calling a shot on Bishop Oyedepo is a good start.

I can’t wait to see another top dog from within the same circle to put all these religious maniacs in their places.

Does this make Gen. Buhari a saint and the saviour we’ve been waiting for? Not in the least. He is the best we’ve got among the two imposed on us, but must earn the respect of Nigerians.

Until then…


Saving Africa from Africans

August 4-6 was African Leaders Summit hosted President Barrack Obama, the gathering was termed ‘historic.’ A lot of issues were discussed among which were and not limited to security problems on the continent and more importantly effort to strengthen trading between Africa and the United States. To help put trading relationship in perspective, currently China’s trade relationship with the continent is $200 billion annually while USA is $85 billion.

The gathering was very important no doubt, and I hope our leaders come out implementing some of the new ideas gained from the summit.

Here I wonder. Fifty African leaders of which 37 were head of state, in Washington? Together at the same event? We didn’t bite one another for the whole three days! So why aren’t African leaders doing the same within Africa discussing how we can improve trading amongst ourselves?

I get it. For a starter, it is far easier to get American visa from Nigeria than say South African visa.

Washington Summit ended on August 6th.

August 12th, American Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church disclosed his new project, inviting African pastors for ALL-AFRICA PURPOSE DRIVEN Church Leadership Training Conference.  in Kigali, Rwanda August 2015.

What? Training. Planting gospel. Purpose Driven. Listen to the short clip message.

Another leadership training, this time pastors on the continent.

Listening to Pastor Rick Warrens’s Tedtalks speech I can tell he has very similar traits to many of Nigeria Pentecostal pastors but he is different because he lives in a different country where to a large extent, fairness in justice existed, with the exception of people who looked like Erik Garner at least and that the line between the church and the state is a lot less blurry in the United States compared to Nigeria.

Already as is in Nigeria, there is no difference between politics and religion. Our president right hand man is a pastor with bling bling followed by all major Nigeria sensational pastors.

Nigerians don’t usually agree on anything but on religion and the extremity of it, most people are in agreement hence you see cases like this  repeating itself every month despite the risks to citizens and huge amount of complaints from Nigerians. The head of the church by the way, officiated at our president’s daughters wedding less than two weeks after Chibok girls were kidnapped.

Is Rick Warren inviting pastors like Nigerian TB Joshua, well, you haven’t heard from the man since the building of his church collapsed in September leaving at least 115 of church members dead. What happened was as horrible as the event that follows – the man of God is trying really hard to pull supporters so he is not held accountable. 

Before anyone gets the idea. I am going to help Katherine and William on this one. I could have suggested the venue to be Nigeria but it wouldn’t be a wise idea given (whispering) let’s just say ours is a bit different as we have way too many Kings and Palaces so to avoid heated debates and likelihood of blood-shedding let’s not go there at all.

Since the King of Swaziland was at Katherine and William’sthey may want to make Mswati III palace as the venue to bring all Monarchs on the continent together for Monarchs Leadership Outreach. If William likes, he could make sure the event coincides with when the King will be choosing his 16th wife among the virgin parade – Not sure Kate would want that, but hey, that would be her call.

Time for inward reflections on the continent?

Once upon a time in Nigeria God was easy to worship

You won’t need to be an Economist or Academic of any sort to see this, just wander round the town, pick any town randomly, the evidence is overwhelmingly choking – choking is the word as it really captures the full extent of impact religion has on citizens today.

What is going on regarding religion in Nigeria today is Economics in its entirety. Christianity for example in Nigeria is a free market – unregulated free from government control. Pastors/Reverend/Daddy or whatever titles they choose for themselves are completely free to operate anywhere they wanted. However, the outcry that we have in the country today was not because people are against free market it is just that free market of religion is equal to disaster, people are choking out of religion been imposed on them daily. The imposition of religion especially christianity is unbelievably contradicting to what they preach and yet they don’t see it or maybe they did but blinded by the greed.

I have watched christianity changing so much to something I could neither understand nor cared to. I am all for change as without it the world will keep changing and moved on without us. However, we need to talk about christianity and see it right from amongst us, see how much it has affected our daily lives in a lot of not very nice ways – to put it mildly.

One day I sat at the church revival and I heard the preacher talking about the witches and how they were the enemies and how they had this big meeting place in the middle of the night under a big Iroko tree to decide on who else to use for sacrifices. You see, when you are in the church especially during sermons, you could not talk nor ask questions, and sometimes you could not walk out without risking people thinking you are possessed. This particular day, the pastor’s wild imagination took the best of him. First of all the description of witches meetings he described only existed in his head, you know like Harry Potter‘s style but thank God that JK Rowling has shown the world that we could put our wild imagination to good use.  Secondly I thought he was mad for thinking everyone in the congregation believed him – I did not. And here’s why – you are only labelled a witch if unfortunate things happened to you in Nigeria, you know disabled of all sorts, mentally ill, and the fact that my mother was once a witch so I knew this.

I could go on and on about how christianity has profoundly changed in Nigeria today, most youths are confused, they changed churches in search for the perfect one that will point them to the right direction to heaven, the ones that preach about shortcut to abundance richness. Most of our youths are incapable of making a coherent argument without dragging God and bible into it. They are untaxed so let’s face it, it is a viable business.

We all talked amongst ourselves in our places of work, at home and even in churches how contradictory the pastors are, we strive to follow what they say but their livelihood is completely different. We yarned and wondered what can we do?