Nigeria: Where presidential election campaign is another aso ebi craze

It is commendable seeing politicians gathering for photos without Owambe craze. Our issues are of many layers, hopefully we will work our way through shedding wasteful habits bit by bit.

Most of the time it is accumulation of small things that add up to become big issue. Why must election campaign be another Owambe? Is it important to Nigerians that campaigners and supporters be in uniform?

One small detail I have noticed lately since this election campaign started was the outfits worn on the campaign trail – trivial? Not really. In the case of Nigeria, it is a big deal, adds up.

Owambe is not all positive as we make it to be and when used to a great extent during election campaign, it is even more damaging because the money be it private or public could have been better spent on things that could directly add value to people’s life, dig one or two community toilet or borehole for a starter.

Other countries when campaigning for general elections would opt to wear t-shirts to support their party, but in our case it is a full attire costing the nation millions of naira.

I am sure both APC and PDP are guilty of this, however I have noticed on many occasion where APC, Buhari’s party opt to wear their everyday clothing on the campaign trail. However, in the case of our sitting president GEJ, it is shameful, women are worse – it is all without a fail Aso ebi

Why must we be in uniform when campaigning for public offices? This is one of the many ways Nigeria misplaced priorities of what people needed, it will take a visionary leader to see how wasteful this habit is.

Photo credit: Dailymail
Photo credit: Dailymail





Presidential candidates and Aso Ebi craze



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These are the least annoying I have seeing, a quick browse online reveals more.