On the safe side

We are nearly there.

We had Brexit. The school mock election provides the girls with a little taste of what real life leadership selection is like. Then we had to deal with The Donald, I remember my 10 year old was concerned for the Mexicans and how it will be too tough for them if they were made to pay for the wall. I said to her that politicians say quite a lot of unbelievable things when they hunt for votes. Time will tell and we will all be alright in the end.

Here we are here now,  I find school mock election quite interesting, I didn’t know school children do this. Most of what the girls know about politics is what they learn from school so they get home seeking definitive answers to some questions – well, real life isn’t that clear cut.

Thankfully, mock election gives a taste of how the process works and how people learn to live with whoever wins even if not their choice.

Year six students were divided into groups to represent all political parties. Children cast their votes based on presentations. For my 8 year old, personality and policies are equally important – not voting for any boring politician.

Yeap, she casts her vote for Monster Raving Loony Party and here’s why:

Green Party: Their presentation is too long, and they say too many greens.

Labour: Not that bad, but one of the presenters had to read from a book, didn’t prepare ahead.

Tory: Too boastful. (this reminds her of weeks leading up to Brexix) so not impressed.

Monster Raving Loony Party? They are happy people with colourful outfits, made everyone laugh so she is won over.

She has seen quite a lot of people arguing on Labour/Conservatives, so her stance was why vote for people who keep talking over each other while being funny and happy is an option.

She chose the safe side, how many adults does the same thing only to regret a week later?

Her sister is a polar opposite on this, she wants to talk about who has the best policy on education, especially secondary school. She is not affected but aware of 11+ exams for grammar school and how a friend still didn’t get in after preparing hard for exams – no MRLP for this one.

I had a chance to talk to a friend whose child is about my girls’ age. Her school is closed for election. I asked her if she were to participate in the mock election, who she would vote for? She would vote for a party that promised free lunch for schools.

Then I said which one would she prefer, free lunch with limited choice or mommy and daddy to get more money for the value they bring to their work which in turn means she has cash to choose whatever she likes to spend her lunch money on?

While she was nodding along, I told her to relax but we must learn to cast our votes not just for bread alone.

I have done my civic duty by post last weekend, in the morning we will know where we are. The good news is that whoever wins, the UK is not likely to be discussing about Russians interference in six months.

I find this School of Life views on democratic voting system food for thought.