Free surgery for underprivileged

I know quite a lot of our people can use this free service, most of whom undoubtedly are not on social media. Recipient has to be poor and needing surgery – Naija has loads of those. I read this is part of a bigger plan of providing better health care for all Nigerians. More information here

I am super sceptic with anything free in Nigeria, however, reading through what Prof. Adewole wrote about testimonies of those who have successfully used the service, it is worth a try.

Sometimes, one just have to trust what is presented.

I am just hoping that people in our small towns who are in need of one operation or the other will get this information to take advantage of this service. It is one thing to offer free service, it is a whole other story to get information to those who needed the service the most.

While advertising this great opportunity on twitter is a huge step forward, I do hope that this is taking to the streets, market places and religious gatherings as that is the best way to capture the most vulnerable in the society.

Also, it will be quite helpful to give a little information as to the type of conditions that qualify under this free service i.e hernia, knee injury etc.