Wealth creation and religion

This is nothing we haven’t heard before, but sometimes message sinks in better when we all see and hopefully points raised can help to reason together.

I strongly believe all of the factors mentioned in the video are spot on for Nigeria.

See what the narrator said on corruption and offshore accounts in 1:29. Yesterday another news was flying around about Switzerland releasing Abacha’s loot of $400m minus $79m fee charge. Nigerians were questioning Switzerland decision of charging that much fee. It is not easy to conceal stolen fund. Switzerland fee is called Owo omogo (fee for being ignorant). They didn’t come to Nigeria to snatch our money, it our own people who went out of their way to hide their loot.

If we are so hurt, we will all work together and choose better leaders in future.

2.40 is about religion – “the less people believe, the richer they stand the chance of being”

In Nigeria religious issue is slightly worse than many other countries because population is almost equally divided so now we have Christians working very hard to match up whatever the north is up to in Muslim world – they have won the fight over pilgrimage now. If the north decide to waste limited resources on pilgrimage so are we in south. We are even. Lucky for Mecca and Jerusalem, they’ve got committed tourists for life.

Another news going around is that Nigeria Christians (interestingly a senator from Plateau sponsored the bill) are working to pass a bill for their own christian court too so we can be on par with Sharia Law. I hope this one passes too.

It sounds insane, I know but this one may be the last straw that Nigerians need to finally realise religion and governance can not work together, not here in Nigeria at least.

16 thoughts on “Wealth creation and religion

  1. Switzerland charged us for our greed and stupidity and I bet you that it will not challenge our leaders to put the remaining money to judicial use for the benefit of the common man.

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  2. Fola that video was brilliant. Your good works are definitely helping your country. We always underestimate the affects of our actions. Just keep doing what you are doing and change will come.

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  3. People can’t plead ignorance about why Nigeria is at is is. The facts are there and the research behind it stands. They can turn a deaf ear if they want, then they should not complain as they are left behind and the rest of the world moves on. Increasing travel and exposure to the outside world apparently has not made it apparent, that in Nigeria many things are done incorrectly and deliberately.

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    1. Thanks jco for sharing the clip in the first place.
      Actually the exposure to the outside world has made it easier for the preachers to follow Nigerians around the world so people can live in the first world but still think as if they were back home.
      You are right, it has to be deliberate, what else can it? It is the people that will need to change the old and tired system.

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  4. Lucky, indeed, for Jerusalem and Mecca who have locked in on “committed tourists for life”, and as the downside, unlucky for Nigeria and her citizens for being enslaved for life to two cousins in the Middle East who will receive hundreds of millions annually for the chances to stone the devil in Mecca or pray at the wailing wall in Jerusalem.

    Sincere rehards,

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