Keeping it in the family

Kidnapping for ransom is fast becoming common occurrence now that news of one is treated like another Boko Haram explosion in the northeast – we shrug shoulders.  In most if not all, the exposed cases that we’ve heard about, ransom were paid.

Usually abductors’ focus are on adults, mostly politicians or their relatives. Like Boko Haram, kidnap for ransom is no longer regional problem, it is a tried and tested get-rich-quick tactic that has worked, payment exchanged hands often with a strict warnings that crucial details about the abductors be kept secret.


I think this is getting way out of hand now with what happened at Lagos State Model College, Igbonla on Thursday last week where kidnapers, went through the back door to invade the school during the morning assembly.

What hope do we have if children are no longer safe at school?

The abductors escaped on a boat with four students and 2 teachers. The students were said to be in JSS1, 10+ years old.

As expected, abductors are demanding for ransom of 30M naira which parents and school will be forced to pay out in order to be reunited with their families.

I pray that the teachers and these kids are not too damaged by this experience.

This school from what I have seen is an average boarding school with regular Nigeria parents, if this can happen on a broad day light, how can any parents be sure of their kids’ safety outside of home?

Lagos state governor, Mr Ambode by the look of things seems to be working on this  by combing the areas and promising he will get the children and the teachers back.

I am sure he will.

These abductors this year alone have gone from taking royal family, pastors and now getting children from schools, they don’t want to kill, all they wanted is huge amount of cash transfer.

Just makes one wonder, for how long are we going to continue paying ransom for faceless kidnappers? How long are we going to pretend that all abductions are done by total strangers and not those from within?

I hope these students and teachers are able regain their freedom in the week ahead.