Random thoughts on Boko Haram

All this while Boko Haram has not stopped the killing rampage in the north. New people are being recruited daily as well as rising number of casualties.

Pictures of mutilated bodies are all over Nigeria Army social media, each time I see another person, be it Boko Haram, Nigeria Army or the civilians – it feels wrong, completely wrong that the ongoing insurgency has become almost normal.

There are cases of people joining Boko Haram because of monetary reward, only to discover the mission was to use them as suicide bombers. Those that escaped can tell the tale.

In the above case, there is no reference to religion as the incentive for killing fellow humans, it doesn’t matter who the point of reference was during prayers – these guys are willing to kill just about anyone as the cash reward is all that they were after.

Another example is the young woman who was captured in her northeast village over a year ago, she goes by Hauwa. She was among the three sucide bombers that killed 58 people on February 9th.

Hauwa is thought to be 17 or 18years old, she didn’t know her real age, despite this has married twice. She was asked to detonate bomb when she refused to marry the third husband at the BH camp.

It seems to me that the main reason Boko Haram were kidnapping girls was to have their own personal sex slaves and when they are done with one, exchange her amongst themselves with the expectations that the girl will always comply and if they sense any resentment, they send them on journey of no return – what a world we live in. And yet people can’t seem to see the damage child bride is doing to the psyche of these guys?

The guys are basically replicating the only thing they thought their girls are alive for.

On a more lighter note, $35M has been recovered from the corrupt public officials who diverted the money meant to fight Boko Haram into their personal accounts – more to be recovered.

I do hope that President Buhari will follow through with not just recovering the funds, but also to give appropriate punishment to all the perpetrators, otherwise how is anyone going to learn?