Public appeal done the right way

Like many other everyday people around the world, Nigerians can be really generous. Often people who do not have a lot are eager to give a little to help others especially when it has to do with sudden event that has impacted other people’s life negatively.

Before social media, in 1999 (or 1998) I remember one certain journalist who was involved in a terrible car accident that left him with spinal injury, with no medical health insurance, no tangible personal savings and the need for urgent medical intervention, the said man took to the public travelling from town to town in SW and appealed on radio (probably tv too but I only heard him on the radio). The news got around very fast mainly from word of mouth.

The day he came to Oduduwa Hall at OAU Ife, the hall was packed – people were super generous mostly those who had very little – He eventually got the needed surgery.

Now with social media, sometimes it is such a shame to see that people ask public for donations to help fund medical bills of their loved ones but they do not get nearly enough for the cause. This is usually the serious case type. For example people in need of organ transplant within or outside the country.

When asking the public for money, usually the appeal is geared towards everyday folks and not the super rich. Therefore, it is important to provide enough information for the public to help them with decision-making.

While ₦200 (<$1) may seem like chicken change but when enough of us give it to a good cause, then one person’s life gets needed improvement they needed that they otherwise may not get without help.

This is the process I have seen people using successfully in the west.

Other times, our people concentrate on calling the government for help to pay medical bills, most often government turned blind eye, this is predictable. I am not sure why people do this because the only reason anyone will get a call back is if you know someone to press the right bell, so why bother.

I’d rather put more pressure on the government to stop using national budget for their health tourism around the globe so everyone faces the same fate – that way they will know it’s crucial to invest money in health sector so everyone can benefit.

When I come across Efena public appeal on 10 Feb, I read and listened to the lady’s story – I just knew in my heart that she will get all the money she needed because the appeal was done right and I am glad to see that more and more people are donating to help her.

This is how pubic appeal is done – tell the story in its entirety, give enough information about how the fund will be spent, those around that are supporting and what you are currently doing to help yourself – people tend to help those who are eager to help themselves –  those who will help, will even if it is little.

Omo Naija, make it easy for people to donate, I mean for good cause such as this.

Best wishes to Efena on her journey.