Ìléra loògùn ọrọ̀

Ìléra loògùn ọrọ̀ – Health is the medicine for wealth.

Except if one lives in the rural area where walking around to execute daily duties is part of the life style, Nigeria also working its way steadily to nation of overweight – this is most noticeable in the cities amongst office workers.

Our small towns is not spared, not when there is okada to transport folks from one end of the road to another with a small fee.

What is not common among the general public is awareness to the importance of physical health as well as implication of poor physical health on well being.

Credit: insidelagos

This is from Lagos Marathon earlier this month.  It is nice to see ordinary people taking part in ‘free for all’ activities such as this. it is about awareness that staying active and fit is crucial to good health.

Credit: ekekeee

During the last presidential election Mr Jonathan did not carry last: Obviously, given family photos posted online, physical fitness isn’t priority in these guy’s family however it is nice to see them trying to pass on message.

Even down to my state of Osun, the state launched Walk to Live in the run up to elections last year.

Credit: Osun Defender
Credit: Osun Defender

I thought that was fantastic. Obviously someone somewhere is hammering it in to our people that the era of ‘fat is beautiful’ is obsolete, being over weight shortens our lifespan.

Hopefully, this trend will continue with less of Owanbe style and more of educating people on the benefits of staying active so it is easy to incorporate into daily routines.

I was self-conscious a couple of years ago learning to swim and to cycle as sometimes I want to do something different from jogging. I had thought I would be the oldest person ever to learn to swim and cycle as adult – how wrong was I?

Not swimming at the Olympic but learn enough that I no longer believe there’s Baba Olodo in the water to swallow me. Although wouldn’t be in Tour de France, but I know enough to add to the mix of exercise to keep me healthy and myths around Yoruba woman not cycling off my way.

It is nice to know that whatever the age, with a bit of determination we can join in the fun to keep mind and body healthy.

Traditionally, the bigger we are especially for women, the more beautiful we are supposed to be. Definition of beauty has changed – eating well and staying fit.

Living healthily is worth all the efforts, apparently it comes with feeling and looking well too, those are added bonus.