The man behind anti social media bill


He is a lawyer, a pilot, a senator and a traditional ruler with three different titles – What’s more? Senator Na’Allah is making an attempt on his biggest achievement ever, which is to make sure Nigerians are crippled with fear of being sued/imprisoned, he has sponsored an anti social media bill to legally prosecute anyone who uses social media to expose their hideous acts.

Politicians silencing people is not new in Nigeria, if they can’t silence, they buy voice, if all fails, they go after life.

Senator Bala Na’Allah is only going a few steps higher so they can all be completely free to arrest anyone they disliked, using ridiculously undemocratic law as a cover – most of our politicians given any chance would opt to restrict freedom of speech of citizens.

But why Senator Bala Na’Allah? What does he have to cover up that makes him sponsor anti social media bill? I figured knowing a bit about the man behind the  bill would give a clue to his person.

As a lawyer: Jagajaga (useless) lawyer

His words not mine“As to whether I am a jagajaga lawyer or not, it is your own opinion, but I do know that based on my little understanding of the law, I posses the capacity to defend this case.”

As a senator – Forced into it and unhappy

“It is not that I am happy being in politics; in fact, I never wanted to go into politics. But I was forced into it by an overriding pressure from Governor Aliero. We met at Jedda when I traveled for Umrah (lesser pilgrimage)…”

Being traditional ruler is his birthright, I suppose now is the time to expand territory beyond the Sakaba region. From his mother side, he is an heir to the throne of Sakaba. People in this region should take note, you’ve been warned, when a public figure is this arrogant, sad and tyrant in nature – don’t ever make a mistake crowning him, he will drown you all. Thank me later.

Quite a lot has been written about Senator Na’Allah since he assumed office in 2003 as a member of House of Rep from Zuru. Brief look on the web was all  jagbajantis for anyone in public office. His personal page does not reflect someone who has been in government for 17 years, apart from his about page, most links are empty.

Let’s assume that Nass is correct that Senator Na’Allah is 53 years old.

scannigeria news

Given the wardrobe allowance and all the perks of the last 17 years as a member of HoR, this is all that the senator could come up with? Please relief this guy of his misery, he already said he is not happy, let him go and find other purpose in his life.

As for the bill, I believe Nigeria is in this state today because good people are silent on what matters. I don’t particularly trust the senate president, they are all birds of the same feather. Already the bill has attracted lots of signatures from the circle of tyrants. I pray it will never get passed.

Our voice is the only thing we hold on to, to have a senator with questionable character taken that away will be a big shame.

Kudos to Nigerians who are working hard to show if our money is taken away, they should not be allowed to take our voices too.



21 thoughts on “The man behind anti social media bill

    1. Uhmnn, Based on this photo? I thought he looked like Pariolodo. Same photo different perspectives – they all fit him well, well.

      See, that is why he wanted to ban you lots from digging out his Baba karaole (baba stay well) photos up. Hahaha

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  1. Why did the guy even bother draft the the bill. Many illegal acts have been uncovered and the public doesn’t bat an eyelid. Maybe he is just being ultra-sneaky to be completely greedy. Something like this was passed in South Africa, the ANC government wanted to muzzle the press, so that it’s wrong doings could go unnoticed, despite appeals from the public and media the bill passed into law, even under apartheid no such law was drawn up… what does this say about the ANC?
    Back to Nigeria, more than likely it will pass after all more outrageous bills have passed with little opposition ie the law against LGBT rights. Should that be the case, then it will be up to those in the diaspora who must blow the whistle on the misdeeds ie abuse that is occurring in government. Nigeria’s parliamentarians are amongst the highest paid in the world and govern one of the most backward nations of the world. So why are they paid so much for producing a shambles? You see what I mean…
    FK you appealed to the people of his region not to support him, they are blind to everything about the man (good or bad) they only care about the fact that he is from their region. Much like Ibori fugitive and the late Diepreye, what they all have in common is that ‘they can do no wrong’.

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    1. What can I say? You summed it up in the last paragraph – tribalism is killing us big time! When that isn’t enough we throw party affiliation behind evil deeds.

      And you are right, he didn’t have to legalise illegal imitation to free speech to do whatever he wanted. As it is common with them lot, he probably wanted to instil fear in people close to him from uncovering whatever he was hiding.

      Agreed, knowing Nigeria, the chances of getting the bill passed is high, people will suffer especially those on the ground who share information with folks within and outside – it is a shame.


    1. Haha, thank you! Glad you see the irony. Let me guess – as a private plane owner, perhaps he got the shoes from a trip down to Nigeria Past where it was possible to shut people up.
      Now he forgets we are in a different time where there is mirror and where thousands of people talking about Nigeria don’t even live on the soil but they dream of a better day – he’ll learn.

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