Relief from deafening seed faith

It may be slow, but I am beginning to see that with a bit of luck in my lifetime Nigerians may see real change driven by people.

Lagos State taken action to liberate citizens from noise pollution is long overdue, not just in Lagos but all around the country.

To sleep without interruption of night vigils is luxury due to religious centres in every corner of our towns with each one proclaiming to be the best route to holiness and heaven. I am happy seeing 53 churches, mosques and hotels are shut due to excessive noise.

Hotels included? What do I know.

About the churches and mosques, hopefully our small towns will follow in this progressive step by closing down residential worship centres and enforce restrictions on the number per square mile and time frame allowed for noisy events.

How can we talk about noise pollution from religious centres without talking about those behind them?

This guy is doing a wonderful job shedding lights to his people. Listen to Tommy Sotomayor in 8:00. Actually everything about Pastor Creflo Dollar mirrors all of Nigerians prosperity pastors: all of them – the chameleon and the tiger – all of them that think they wanted to ‘safe’ the world hence their reason for acquiring private jets but are indifference to the lives of people contributing to their wealth in their immediate environment.

I know Nigerians wouldn’t watch this, too much truth hurts.


I have noticed another trend in Nigerian churches, now we have increasing number of foreign preachers coming so our people are getting out of their ways believing everything these prosperity pastors say.

Often, I smile at this because I know that an average American regardless of where she was born or raised within the country have higher chances of living up to full potential than an average Nigerian – this website did a useful comparison.

In my book, nationality is useless here as they say exact same thing. Actually, they were the one who started sponsoring Nigerians and now my people are masters in squeezing every little juice out of poor folks.

Here is John Oliver given a broader information on prosperity pastors, he even went on to do his own little experiment. Some of the guys on his video are many Nigerians small gods.

The pastors in 5:00 of John Oliver video are exactly what Nigerian pastors are. We saw them clearly during the last administration where they had foothold. Apart from Goodluck Jonathan many inactions, it is hard to look ignore the damage he did by allowing himself to be so manipulated by the snake oil guys.

For Nigerians that are not blinded to the truth, watch this and see where your pastors learn their trade from. Their mantra is the same – give that little that you have up as seeds and watch God working.

I believe in giving for many reasons, actually given the way Nigeria economy has worked for decades, giving and sharing is part of the culture. However, I strongly oppose manipulating poor people to let go of the little they have so one pastor could have the comfort of jetting all around the world, afford Israelis security guards (just because the same Nigerians faith seeding can not be trusted enough).

By the way, it is same issues we have with Muslims in the south today – I don’t blame them, if churches can manage to mushroomed our streets, Muslims aren’t going to fold hands.

Good luck to the Lagosians.