One good turn

Nice seeing Lagos floating school, Makoko functioning at long last. I remember reading about this school a couple of years ago and shook my head in disbelief about the antagonists of the project, thankfully something must have spoken sense to the opposing sides to see that future is brighter when everyone is given a chance at life.

Incredible how immediate environment can leave lasting impact on one. The young girl would like to be a lawyer because she’d like to fight for human rights – I bet she has seen enough of her mates being driven away from their homes despite not having a specific place to move on to.

The boy would like to be a businessman and have plenty of money. Being raised in a community where trading is very common I can see why, he probably has his own fishing net too. He is also aware that money moves thing in Nigeria – having little of it is no use, fingers crossed for him.

Congratulations to all of the lucky children and thanks to the brains behind the project.

Hopefully, this project will inspire more in the community.

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