Land accountability: Unavoidable task

Same story, yet another victim over land dispute in Lekki Lagos. This time it is a very popular man Mr Tajudeen Disu, the Managing Director of Lekki Worldwide Investment Company. Reading the story, there were two other people who were killed which angered the community. RIP to all deceased.

Land ownership disputes all around Nigeria has very similar argument – who is the rightful owner.? Government is still shying away from documenting land within the country and taking bold steps to set a law that all can abide by.

Given Mr Tajudeen Disu’s standing in the community and his VIP status, Lagos state is working seriously on bring the killer/s to book.

That is good to hear, but my question is what do we do with less VIPs in our society who get killed daily over land dispute?

This is a question for the country as a whole, dispute over land is not going anywhere until ambiguities over rightful owners is cleared.

Here is a paragraph copied from an article by another concerned citizen, Dele Olojede.


“Account for every square centimetre of land in the entire territory of the federal republic. Issue certificates of occupancy to all identifiable land owners. End the vagueness of communally held land and its capacity to generate endless dispute and violence. Where a community, rather than an individual or corporate body, does historically lay claim to the land, create trusts to legally hold the property. A nationwide electronic geographic information system will do more than end violent disputes and endless court cases; it puts money in people’s pockets by making land easily fungible. My father’s house in Modakeke is worth almost nothing because there is no legal title to it. So is my friend Nosa Igiebor’s 1,000-hectare family land in Benin. Read or reread Hernando DeSoto’s ‘Mystery of Capital.’ It was relevant yesterday; it is even more so today. Don’t make a mockery of most families’ principal asset when this can be turned into wealth. It is relatively easily done. My friend Nasir El-Rufai accomplished this in Abuja, when he was federal minister of the Federal Capital territory from 2003-2007. Now that he is governor of Kaduna State, he’s planning to do the same thing. Land is a state issue, so the federal government can nudge the laggards in the right direction by creating a fund to underwrite electronic land registration for any state that needs help. Stop manufacturing mass poverty and do the right thing.”

On this note I’m getting myself a copy of The Mystery of Capital by Hernando DeSoto even if I have to take forever to finish reading it. Thank you Mr Dele Olojede for the recommendation.

Admittedly, my focus has been on my royal family regarding needless waste of lives resulting from land disputes, ultimately it is the government responsibility to draw the line for all to abide by.

When the government fails, people are at the mercy of the likes of Oba Sijuade. I don’t think I can ever get over the man, not even when he has crossed to the life beyond.