Touch not my annoiting

A friend was frustrated the other day because she thought average Nigerians talk about change but deep down we wanted things to be the way they have always been.

Everyone seems to have their own idols that they believe must be exempt from the law of the land.

My friend further asks if I knew what average Nigerians love to talk about, the type of topics that would attract honest conversations from youths.

“That’s easy. Let’s do our own observation.”

Easy to see two cases to compare.

One is the case of ex petroleum minister arrest in London for alleged money laundering. Her arrest has attracted hundreds of comments from Nigerians. The interesting part is that not everyone is on the same page. Many said the woman should be left alone as she is not the only one, others say she is being haunted because she is a woman and the popular ones are the people who knew the truth but can not help but to defend this woman just because she is of certain tribe.

I say to Ola, there you have your Nigerians who can’t seem to agree on something so obvious.

This is where I believe to clean Nigeria of any bad habit, we need a partially deaf leader with a team that strongly believe in Better Nigeria otherwise public opinion on issues such as this is useless.

The other example was the case of a four-year old Olamide Adegbesan. She was sleeping in her house when the fence of Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries church/school fell on top of her house in the early hour of Thursday morning. The father had gone to work, mother and children were rescued from the rubble but sadly Olamide died on the way to the hospital.

These guys have churches and other businesses in the UK and no problem abiding by the law, same in the States but when it comes to their homeland, they took advantage of the slack enforcement of law.

How can anyone build a fence so close that it towers over neighbour’s property? This is quite common in Nigeria. I don’t particularly liked sky-high fence around house, however, in this case a little thought to the safely of the neighbours is enough to realise church fence has to be of reasonable height as well as space between the fence and the neighbour’s house.

Unfortunately, fence heights and space between house is often left to the discretion of the owners.

The story of Olamide was reported yesterday and barely got 10 comments. Even though average Nigerians claim to be religious, when it comes to the big name priest/church being in the wrong, people tend to move along because demanding our religious leaders be held accountable is too big for ordinary folks to discuss. Touch not my anointing, we say.

And of course there is no one was available to talk from the church/school to the media. They are likely talking to TB Joshua on tips to get away with being held accountable.

Yet, we cry for change.