Media censorship

In Nigeria, lots of people in positions of authority do not encourage questioning from anyone they considered beneath them.

It all starts from home.

Inability of superior to enter a dialogue with people under their care is one  of the reasons we still have corporal punishment today in schools and home – adults get frustrated to explain just about any issue in simple terms, so questions considered intrusive will attract superior’s wrath.

Unjustified silencing of people create resentment which is often mistaken for respect in our society. People keep quiet not because they respect Oga Bully but because they resent the fact that opinions of small people don’t get fair hearing.

Last month, Governor Amosun of Ogun state sacked six educators because he was not too pleased with the type of questions they set for students.

The area that offended Gov. Amosun was where the students were giving a comprehension passage on education policy in the state. The idea was to help students think critically about public schools in Ogun and perhaps to get them to know more about those in charge of education policy.

In order words: government officials lip service vs. reality of public education.

I thought any leader would love that secondary school students are tasked to think about issues that affect them the most. The governor didn’t think it was such a great idea, he panicked at how much students are allowed to think so sacked the teachers in charge.

The same governor Amosun again a few days ago ordered to arrest a blogger because something was written about his wife being questioned in London, UK for being in possession of a large some of money, higher than permitted by the law.

The governor’s wife has since denied the rumour of money laundering.

They are probably going to grill the blogger to reveal his confidant in London – the needless scrutiny of the public is all getting really silly especially on mundane issue such as this one.

I can’t even believe a governor would stoop so low as to arrest a blogger when it is clear news will only attract many people talking about it.

Governor Amosun needs to turn it down a notch and do his job rather than hunting down anyone who says things he disagrees with or in the case of the blogger, if Mrs Amosun has cleared her name with the British police why bothered if people blogged about it? Get used to being talked about if you occupy a public office.

I do hope Emmanuel Ojo received a fair treatment and released soon.

9 thoughts on “Media censorship

  1. The man clearly doesn’t believe in respecting basic human rights, sadly I doubt he’s the only one. This does make one wonder, what vetting procedures are in place, what checks and balances exist to prevent this dictatorial streak from growing? This shows that Nigeria is not far away from becoming a ‘tin pot state’ ruled by a tyrant, despite the fact it has practiced democracy for over 20 years.
    It appears to me, we take for granted the fact that he speaks English well, and has been exposed to Western values means he respects them, this is apparently not the case.
    Tyranny should not be encouraged, and as you pointed out it all begins in the home. It could be argued the more ‘traditional’ a family the more tyrannical it is. This looks like a flaw to me but since people are so fanatical about their ‘culture’ they would rather die defending something that is widely recognised as not being a positive human trait, than simply replacing it for something better.
    You hit the nail on the head with this, but I can’t see Nigerians embracing this, as it goes against ‘traditional values’.

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    1. Well said, jco.
      And as you know in Nigeria, nothing is as simple as presented. Reading a little more about this guy, I realised he has been outspoken before governor’s election supporting the opposition so it seems Amosun probably have been waiting for a chance to get him so his wife’s case is a good excuse.

      Vetting in Nigeria? Usually it is a page long of paper qualifications and money. Sadly, he will keep doing that until citizens wise up to defend one another.

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      1. Amosun sounds vindictive, he has the makings of becoming a true tryant. Let us hope he does not aspire to become president, or we may end up with a ‘Idi Amin’ like situation.
        I think citizens will ‘wise up’, but is a matter of ‘when?’.

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  2. That is a dangerous president, Fola. I’m afraid that some of that is happening here with our new bio C-51. It is supposedly designed to stop terrorism. But terrorism is defined as anything that is contrary to the politics of the moment within the government in power. They may try to curtail free speech but people will still think on their own and resent the forces that try to stop it.

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