Ooni of Ife, reign of the Queen

How cool is that, that Ile Ife once had a female Ooni. I am doubly proud of this as I belief there must be very good reasons Queen Luwoo was trusted to be crowned in her time – its called gender equality. Also, this revelation tells forgotten story of women involvement in contributing to the society, not just as workers but as a leaders.

Queen Luwoo according to history was the 21st Ooni of Ife. There was no date to give a clue to how long she was on the thrown for. Dating only started from the 38th Ooni Akinmoyero 1770 – 1800. 

This makes me wonder why Ooni Luwoo was the only female monarch Ife has ever produced. Did something happen that she got blamed for it all or did she marry plenty of husbands just because she can, afterall kings are known for their taste in multiple women once they assume the throne.

Like many kings of that era, not much was written about Queen Luwoo except that she was another person to grace the throne. I read somewhere that Queen Luwoo was a beautiful and elegant queen who took pride in her physical appearance and that of her surroundings. Queen Luwoo during her reigning years put everyone in town to work with their hands to keep the town clean, men were not spared, appropriate force applied to get people to listen and attend to job assigned to them.

After  Queen Luwoo w’aja (passed away) the council of Obas vowed never to have another female Ooni in town because Queen Luwoo was ‘uncontrollable.’

Now in 2015, Wouldn’t it be fantastic to bring back female Ooni? After all, we know it was once successfully done in the past.

21 thoughts on “Ooni of Ife, reign of the Queen

  1. Anyone who takes personal and environmental hygiene seriously, gets a thumbs up in my books. Not to sure about applying force, persuasion would be better, but some people are so stubborn – I guess if you are a Queen that is an affront and must be put down, or else you’ll be toppled.

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    1. I know. Female Ooni will be another time around no doubt, hopefully in our lifetime 🙂 (call it over ambitious)

      That saying captures the situation quite well. See me, see hypocrisy o!

      Thinking about it, Queen Luwoo must be a very smart woman indeed – how did she keep track of who fathers which child? I’m thinking the most ‘aggressive’ of the husbands fathered all the children while others keep her company. Or perhaps the queen followed traditional ovulation calendar strictly to be sure she is fair to all…ha ha

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        1. Ha! Interesting. Learning daily.

          There is a place in India where a woman is allowed to marry multiple husbands, this is purely for economic reasons as farmland is scare.

          Maybe Queen Luwoo had a similar idea as Indian folks so menfolk can spend more time developing the town?
          One of the things Queen Luwoo was known for was putting people to work, I suppose she didn’t buy into the idea of early morning layabouts and being a queen allowed her to get folks to listen. Maybe her reasons are for economic and development of the cradle…

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          1. LOL….. Seriously?! You mean it is still in practice in parts of India for a lady to have multiple husbands? Couldn’t it also be because the ladies pay the ‘Bride price’ in parts of India? (It can’t be called ‘Bride price’ then, maybe ‘Groom fee’)

            Lol… I’ve always thought most Indian dudes look & act kind of feminine sha! (Apologies to any Indian guy in the house) Anyways, I just mean I can understand them being traditionally OK with that being co-husbands, unlike ‘regular’ guys elsewhere.

            Hmmmm…. My Indian story in ‘Everyone Hates The English’ (Sporting Chance ) should have a new ending. Vijay should wait for Limama instead.

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  2. Like you said, thet vowed not to let another female rule! Let me tell you

    1. She married all their sons including those betrothed to other ladies

    2. Then she made them do chores only ladies do which included washing her undies

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