Expanding moral imagination in the cradle

I am still fascinated learning how things are done. If we are not here in the 1900s, and history written is seriously skewed, at least this generation is here to witness and draw our own conclusions.

With the situation we are in today in Nigeria and the relationship of the Ife with neighbours and the rest of Yorubaland, I think whoever is the Ooni should be of interest to a lot of people.

Irorun igi n’irorun eye – a stable tree hosts calm birds.

I know we will have to make do with whoever the kingmakers decide to choose to be the next  king, my hope is that nothing will be left for chance this time around. Progress will come where there is peace.

While paper qualifications/socialite/superficial wealth are something Nigerians often talk about, we have seen that emotional intelligence is what a town like Ife needed most. We want a king that is socially aware of peoples’ needs and able to relate to them accordingly.

I read a diaspora is one of the interested 45 princes – plot thickens. Can’t even fathom how a single traditional post has attracted so many princes from far and near.

Oba Okunade was once in the UK before becoming the Ooni of Ife, I suppose the kingmakers thought someone who studied, lived in the land of the Queen, witnessed how UK royal family is improving on rules to make rooms for modern generation would be a perfect match, oh well, we all knew how Oba Okunade did by now. His best house is probably the London home, hence where he had the last breath – lesson for the kingmakers.

Since I’m not one of the kingmakers, I suppose it is safe to state who my preferred Ooni should be.

  • Important to have someone who is educated. As long as they can read and write and use own mind is enough. I’d love to see someone digging out all those historical facts about our past so it can be accessible to larger audience.
  • I’d love to see Ooni who is progressive enough to show how most people holding guns at each others throats during Modakeke and Ife crisis were cousins given century old  intermarriages. So here important to choose someone who not only knows history but is interested in digging out more reasons to stop land grabbing escapade.

I’m sure oracle will be do its job, but I am seriously counting on the ‘earthly messengers’ to see the need to expand our moral imaginations – beauty in seen a bit of us in all of us so to have a peaceful and progressive Cradle in years to come.

It will all start with the new Ooni.

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