Democracy or something far from it

Nigerians are a funny bunch. Does supporting a public official mean we must be blinded to all their wrong doings?

Here I think leaders are overrated. A successful leader would have followers who call their attention when they about to go astray.

Nigerians must learn to give constructive criticisms to our leaders without clouding our judgement with party affiliations – it is for our own good.

Justice Folahanmi Oloyede called for Governor Aregbesola’s impeachment two weeks a go on the basis that he owed state workers seven months salary.

After this call for impeachment, Gov. Aregbesola has talked a lot about reasons he has failed to pay on time – not enough IGR and lower than usual federal allocations. He has since paid for Nov/Dec 2014.

This post is really not about the salary but about Nigerians’ attitude when important issues affecting people’s lives are being disscused.

In Nigeria – family and friends would sometimes help to lend money for food but when it comes to school fees or health care, you don’t usually get any help, this means a child whose parents work for the state would get sent home during school assessments and exams – damage done in seven months can be crucial to a child passing or failing a class.

Similarly, anyone working for the government in need of urgent healthcare for self or family are likely going to get no help – further endangering their lives.

Here the low IGR and reduced federal allocations are not good enough reasons for owing seven months salary, no matter how we flip it.

As a supporter of Gov. Aregbesola, I see Justice Folahanmi Oloyede a much-needed reality check that our governor needed from someone whose voice is higher than most. I don’t know this woman or her political affiliation but lending her voice being a state Judge is fantastic.

Hearing calls for the Judge to be sacked just because she said something that is so obvious says a lot about Nigeria follow-follow-brain-in-the-drain-mentality.

If I were the governor, time to do assessment of his followers and appreciate constructive criticisms even if that comes from the opponent.

The followers turning against one another in the name of partisan, not only unhelpful, it is shameful that we can not see beyond our party affiliations.

6 thoughts on “Democracy or something far from it

  1. FK, democracy of a sort exists there, but it is evident it needs a lot of work to make it acceptable.

    The fact that the sycophants of Governor Aregbesola, will not dare say anuncomplimentary thing in his presence, shows that they are only concerned about their own personal benefit, even if it is at the cost of the rest of society. (This is similar to the situation of the late Yar’Adua, lying on his deathbed in Saudi, whilst his cabinet robbed the nation blind, during high oil prices).

    They are now targeting their ire at Justice Folahanmi Oloyede, means that they think she is endanger of upsetting the applecart. Good on Justice Oloyede for speaking the truth. The governor can be doing more to find a means of paying civil servants.

    I’m glad you are keeping your distance from the Governor and are speaking up about what is right, thank you.

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    1. Thank you jco.

      It is sickening honestly, the sycophants. And now I see why there’s always doubts of intentions when people genuinely appreciate the few leaders who is doing a good job.

      I say good on that woman too! She is very brave. And I do believe the Governor needs more people like her.


  2. Very correct assessment. No reason is good enough to owe staff when appointees get paid. The delivery of serices to the people remain the main responsibility of govts evverywhere the world over, and achieving that through deliberate and planned way should be the focus of govts that care.

    Borrowing is a complementary source of funding but this should be used as an individual would manage personal credits: judiciously and cautiously because of the long-term effects on the lives of a family for credit cards as for countries and states within for effects on the lives of citizens.

    The deductions of cumulative loans by various Osun State govts with not much thought to long-term effects have now brought the proverbial chickens home to roost.


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    1. Thank you.

      I think we can hardly move forward as a nation without making some of our past leaders account for what they did with the loan accrued for their region. In case of Osun state, it is even easier as Adeleke, Oyinlola and Baba Akande are still very much active in politics.

      I believe some of the loans accrued by this administration is worthwhile – our public schools for example was really bad, he was the only one to have done anything about it in 23years of the state creation.

      Having sad that, I do agree that the State needs reality checks in our spending habits.


  3. Hi Fola, sometimes I think that this is a universal problem of leadership. It would be so refreshing to see a leader that had his ear to the ground and listened to what was going on with his/her people. Leaders seem to get caught up in the pomp and ceremony of the station and forget that it is their job to see that their people (at least) don’t suffer from the folly of their government.

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