One Nigeria

Sometimes the phrase ‘One Nigeria’ is true but it requires a bit explanation otherwise not many Nigerians believe the saying in the slightest sense.

Reading through President Buhari’s speech, he talked about various issues his administration would tackle right away –  security and corruption top the list. Admittedly, these are very important and I suppose President could not have listed all that the country needed to improve on otherwise he’d be on the podium for days.

My take away from reading the speech was that by tackling corruption, education sector is included given this area of our lives is corrupt-riden as is.

I was expecting President Buhari to talk a bit more about education sector in Nigeria particularly our public schools. He nonetheless touched the area with a simple sentence to acknowledge he is aware of the need for improvement.

“For the longer term we have to improve the standards of our education” – PMB.

Somehow, I had naively thought he would spend at least a couple of minutes on this to put mind of the public at rest, I was wrong.

I thought one of the best and sure way of improving standard of living for the 60% poor is by improving the education in our rural areas.

Most of our rural areas already have primary and secondary schools built between the 50 and the 60’s. We still have people living in the same villages only that most of the school buildings are now shell of their past glories.

There are many ways refurbishing rural schools would help. This would mean among other benefits that children can be educated in the village or close by so they live with the family therefore eliminating expensive alternative of going to school in town while parents remain in the village to work.

I think if there’s one area where Nigerians from south to north could agree need improvement on is the standard of our education especially in the rural areas.

I am hoping there is a robust plan in place for this.