Ekiti Splash World

In my waka-about last month, here’s what I found – a spectacular park where children and adults alike can have fun away from the city.

It was a nice surprise as I was at Ikogosi Spring at the time but thought I’d take a stroll around the area. Workers were not on site on this particular day but there was a guard who was as excited as I was that we have such a great project in the area.

Fantastic that the whole construction is good size meaning all ages will be welcome to fool around for the day.

My joy was quadrupled when the guard said this construction isn’t government-owned, indication that it will last for a very long time. Am hoping we will have one like this in Osun soon too – hopefully!

It will be open by December, I was told.




15 thoughts on “Ekiti Splash World

    1. Thank you! Kiddies will definitely have loads of fun.

      Ha, it wouldn’t be free – no free lunch of any sort in Nigeria and most importantly not for the common people but hopefully affordable and perhaps discounted for students. Many would still be priced out no doubt, however I hope it will encourage more investment ideas.


  1. I don’t mean to put a damper on this, but first things first.

    Nigeria’s development has been characterised by pet projects and gimmicks, that aren’t top priority. Your previous post was about the lack of drinking water for the common man. This is more of a priority in my eyes than play parks. Children were doing fine without them beforehand, they make their own entertainment.

    To my mind it is a distraction from what are really pressing needs like water, power and education etc.

    People are rushing to say it is needed in all states, I would say that available drinking water and power is needed first in all states.

    FK, I’m not picking faults, but is the play area finished? Shouldn’t there be grass covering the surface rather than sand? What happens when it rains? I do hope it has been assessed for health and safety (something that Nigerians aren’t too hot on).

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    1. Ha ha jco – Please do pick faults o, how else are we to learn and improve?

      You are right, the importance of basic needs such as provision of safe drinking water, better public schools can not be overstated.

      Also true there are lots of gimmicks projects, even some with good intentions by the government ends up been waste of limited resources as whenever power changes hands, project is left unmaintained – this is even true of Ikogosi Spring, the power only changed hands last year June and it is in serious need of maintenance now i.e the long wooden track to the spring is falling apart.

      Having said that, this is a private investment, undoubtedly providing labour for local people – this makes it more attractive.

      I think this will benefit locals in many ways –

      Usually outdoor parks such as this are in exclusive areas of Lagos or Abuja etc out of reach for even people who could afford to have a day out fun with family – at least this group now will have a place to spend a few hours with friends/family, thereby contributing to developing the area.

      Our social activities mostly revolve around organised events usually indoors so project such as this is a nice addition to the area as it will get people outdoors.

      To paraphrase Ms Adichie – it’s no single story.

      My hope is that this will give rise to more business ideas in the area and beyond. As long as the government keeps its nose off running a similar project, we’ll be fine – I think.


        1. Ha, ha. Oh well, so much for the ‘superior knowledge’ E se

          To answer your question, it was work in progress when I visited with the hope to open by Dec. The model looks pretty much like a copy of a decent Western Water parks, I have the feeling they’d do a good job in terms of H&S – w’ll see.


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