Nigeria class warfare: Right vs wrong

Soon to be President Buhari has a lot of work in his hand. We are counting on him to fight corruption. We have other issues that need to be addressed along, one that is very important is for everyone to learn to work together for the common good.

I thought Senator Ben Murray-Bruce speech was very good.

He talked about issues that many would shy away from. The fact that his grandmother’s village had no safe drinking water when he first visited assures me he is aware that millions of Nigerians are still in this similar position.

He talked about compassion for the ‘least of us’ stressing the fact that educating selected few in world-class universities is not enough as the millions left behind are big in number, enough to make a mess of the few elite ones.

We already see this at work. I saw it myself during my visit to Kano a few years ago, I bet most of those reduced to begging on the streets are the same ones with the guns today.

One of my favourite points was the 1% of national budget on pilgrimage to Mecca and Jerusalem – God help me whoever thinks this is a great idea? I bet both countries would be praying we’ll never wake up to see how ridiculous this sounds especially for a country that can’t pay salary of workers.

And the part where he talked about the government officials allocations – ha ha, now we see why there is too much blood shed to get into office. 469 public officials to fly first class when not in private jet – incredible. God bless BA and Virgin.

Orisa oke ma je k’eni t’ogo ko gbon, k’eni o gbon le maa ri tu je bii isu (May the God in heaven keep the stupid ones ignorant so the wise can ‘eat’ them up like yam).

I don’t believe a word any politician says anymore, I believe their actions, however, someone who actually could articulate his ideas to a big audience like this is worth listening to.

“Nigeria is too poor for the leaders to act like multi billionaire and Nigeria is too rich for people to be so poor” Ben Murray-Bruce.

Good speech overall, Mr Senator.