Why do Nigeria embassy treats Nigerians like trash in First World?

Nigerians are fond of complaints, sometimes for very good reasons, then one way or the other, we are sorted so we say “Uhmn… thank God, that’s done no need to moan anymore,” so we moved on to another business, only to complain about the same issues as we did five years prior because the situation is just getting worse and more dehumanising.

Nigerians in the UK have one embassy that issues passport at Northumberland Avenue near Trafalgar Square London – superb location, only on the outside so as to meet up with the First World outlook of the surrounding buildings.

The process of obtaining Nigeria passport is enough of a tale. You could sit reading and clicking away the websites for hours and still end up not getting it ‘right’ – one click will take one completely away from the UK site to a Nigerian site and then to an outside contractor for payment. All complicated but yet, we ride with it.

I had gone to speak to someone because electronic payment services would not accept my card for reasons that I did not get. The alternative was to pay using a system called POS which one can only access by visiting their offices on Fleet street, London and for using the service, there is additional £10 charge using the same card that was refused online.

No problem, payment done, just need to move on.

What about the Money Order?

For every £20 money order purchased, there is £2.50 charge, this is what hundreds of Nigerians going through the embassy must pay daily on top of the normal passport renewal fees.

Actually, Nigeria embassy is the only one needing to use money order now in the UK.

All good, yet we moved on.

But why do Nigeria authority treats Nigerians like trash even when in First World?

For Nigerian Visas, NHG Fleet Street office is well planned – only about 15 minutes bus ride from the passport office. The downstairs office is staffed with knowledgeable people, they are INNOVATE contractors. This office looks like how any office in the First World would, nice plants,  clean sitting area, courteous and helpful staff.

Just looking around this Fleet Street office, I begin to understand some of our complex issues – so Nigeria authority wanted to present perfect outlook to foreigners but refused to treat its own citizens the same, even in First World?

So these guys get clean environment and plants with carpeted floor and we get over crowded sitting room, bare concrete floor with stinky unisex toilet in London?

A few years back was the first time I’d really have to use the toilet while at the embassy, so I spent a considerable amount of time just checking where I was supposed to go. “Ha, ha so it is unisex”, No problem but the tricky part was that there were urinals where everyone washes their hands.

So in the First World where Nigerians pay comparable amounts (sometimes even more) for services, people are still expected to ‘live with it’? And we are eager to blame others?

It matters how we treat one another.

Sitting Area, Visa office Fleet Street
Sitting Area, Visa office Fleet Street
Toilet at Nigeria High Commission,  Northumberland Ave
Urinals/sink for unisex toilet at Nigeria High Commission, Northumberland Ave

17 thoughts on “Why do Nigeria embassy treats Nigerians like trash in First World?

  1. I will renew my passport next week. I have been shifting the evil day since February, when my present passport expired. I ma yet to see a positive story from “the Nigeria” in London, and I’m really scared. I have made payments, following the chain process of application and payment on multiple websites. I wish the story just end there and my passport is simply mailed to Glasgow.
    My appointment is next week. Could please confirm all documents required for the passport processing. My list at present are:
    1. Old Nigerian passport
    2. Passport payment slip
    3. £20 money order
    Glasgow to London is a long way to come, I already have my return flight to Glasgow booked for 3pm, would it be possible to complete the process before 2pm? Thanks.

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    1. It seems you have everything. Remember to print out all paperwork from online payment account, even if it makes no sense/repetitive as they only count papers not the content. They have in house printing kiosk, it’s always crowded.

      Now pray that passport materials issue that has hit New York and Nigeria has not affected London too.

      One of my headaches – why on earth do we have to get people traveling this far just for a passport when many nations will do it all by post?

      Good luck to you.


  2. I remember visiting the Zimbabwe High Commission with my wife for visa purposes a few years back – disorganised and very slow… Must have learnt that from the old UK Passport agency in Petty France 😉 Toilets were normal single sex – male toilet was ok, can’t speak for the female facility. My wife used to work in Northumberland Avenue for a UK government agency. My experience in Zim suggests that it’s not an African thing… more an African Politician/Government employee thing. Which doesn’t make it much different to how our western governments treat us 😉

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    1. Thanks for sharing your experience and good to know Zim embassy has better facility for their people.

      Here I wish NHC could emulate UK policy whereby passport are processed by mail – this way Nigerians wouldn’t have to see the backwardness of our politicians oversea.


      1. I understand – it’s not good. I assume that the internet is still only available to those who live in cities – don’t ask me about phone signals in Zim 😉 It would be good if all the Nigerian citizens could get the web and order their passports / visa’s that way.

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