Allow GMB to earn our respect

“… if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Albert Einstein

My friend hitting her forehead lightly trying hard to remember Nigeria president’s name. This shouldn’t be a big deal but I have known my Trini friend for the best part of 15 years to know politics isn’t one thing she enjoys talking about. I was amazed she was trying as I didn’t know she cared that much, she wasn’t remembering the name because it was anything like Singapore Lee Kuan Yew but all because of the Chibok girls.

“Yes, you see, that #BBOG really got me” Eve said. “Thank you” was all I could mutter.

Another friend from Canada who has heard of Chibok girls wrote “I’m hearing on the news about the Nigeria elections today. What do you make of it?”

Me response: “Overall it has been peaceful compared to any in recent history and we have managed to vote out our Clueless president which is a massive victory and unprecedented – assumed office as part of ‘it’s my turn’ policy. Fingers crossed, this will be the beginning of progress for the country.”

M replied “Sounds like very good news for Nigeria then. Hope positive changes follow quickly without causing unrest.”

I posted these exchanges because sometimes, Nigerians are caught up with ‘other people’ want to see us fail but in reality most people are everyday people who feel our pains – the pains of ordinary citizens, they do indeed wish us well.

That is done. Now it’s the time to congratulate GMB and at the same time let the man earn our respect.

I was quite young during Buhari’s regime in the early 80’s but old enough to remember his attitude towards corruption and of course whatever that was then was mere stealing, now it has gone beyond corruption.

I remember there were saying about Buhari and Idiagbon to be no-nonsence leaders. One thing that stood out for me about Bihari’s time was that school children were made to recite WAI song (War Against Indiscipline) after national anthem everyday, my school did this religiously.

It goes:

“There is a monster called indiscipline

Living in Nigeria posing as a King;

It rules in our schools and churches and mosques

Controls our offices, markets and behaviour

We must kill indiscipline in thoughts, words and deeds

Sing this chorus day and night;

Drivers try –

Chorus: WAI for Nigeria

All Around Nigeria, with God as our Guide

W’ll win this War Against Indiscipline.”

My music teacher at the time, Mr Adio made us learn the song by heart within a few days and had lessons about the lyrics in class.

And of course that was all history the minute Buhari was pushed out in a coup.

Now, second time is lucky not just for GMB but for Nigerians who remembers how state schools were like in the 80s and what the remnants we have today. I belief whoever can see the decay in our school system and do something about is worth our praise.

While the president will call the shot on many major projects, Nigerians can not rely on him to be messiah – at the state and local levels, we must have leaders who best represent the interest of the people – it is only then we can have a little break.

Congratulations to us all.

28 thoughts on “Allow GMB to earn our respect

  1. FK, I hope all is well.
    With GEJ, we are thankful he didn’t have the conviction of Laurent Gbagbo of Ivory Coast (and fight). He acknowledged his defeat graciously.

    Ok, according to the broadcast by Britain’s channel 4 news, under the Yar’Adua / GEJ administration $5 has been allocated to tackle Boko Haram every year. If the rebellion has been running for 6 years, that makes $30 billion.

    Add this to the missing $20 billion (pilfered from oil revenues) and we have at least $50 billion that have gone down the drain. This is a huge amount of waste. We are not including the money lost due to ‘oil bunkering’, with these kind of figures, one does wonder is there any form of accountancy. We hope Nigeria doesn’t end up like Greece, (a beggar that is running from pillar to post, to escape their debt amassed due to corruption and mismanagement).
    The relevant footage is at 16.08

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    1. All is well thank you and also thanks for Adeola’s link.

      Oh well, Nigeria will not have the pity of international bodies this time around if asking for debt write off… they don’t have anywhere to hide, not as much it used to be.

      Not too surprising about the mismanagement of fund to fight Boko Haram. There are lots more that are too upsetting to even talk about.

      And you see, our people including the trusted ones in society (lets call it what it was that GEJ is not fit for purpose in all fronts) cheered him on – treating the whole Nigeria as a small village.

      Some events that happened the last 2 weeks of election campaign was the height of desperation so much so that in many SW states, GEJ arranged for a make-belief program to ’empower’ youths so dishing out 50,000 cash to about 2000 in my area alone in exchange for votes. This went on all over Nigeria – can you believe this?

      Oh, read a headline asking Ibori be given presidential pardon – why not? After all Dipriye got one!


      1. You are back!!
        Pardon, my little Yoruba
        Ekaabo, a dupe.

        No doubt you will have amassed many more experiences that you may wish to share.

        We can clearly see the $30 billion allocated to ‘fight’ BH, was a pure waste. To the extent the army were fleeing from BH.

        Even for a country like China, $50 billion is no ‘chump change’. That could pay off all the external debt.

        What you pointed out about the PDP tactics is not unique to the PDP, it is a Nigerian thing, I’m sure APC have done that and will do that come the next election. These kind of practices really have no place in a democracy. But how to root it out, is another matter altogether.

        Many have been clamoring in Delta state for his return for sometime. I wasn’t one of them (Delta is where my Dad’s folks hail from). Yes, Diepreye, got away with it, so why not Ibori and all the other villains? One does wonder, why is everything upside down? Let Ibori serve his full sentence in England. None of this presidential pardon nonsense. In fact Jonathan should be arrested for being a dimwit (along with the gang of crooked advisers).

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        1. Second that motion – Arrest for all dimwit public officials! That would put the ‘Am not in charge’ nonsense to rest.

          You are right that all political parties are equally guilty of bribery during election, hopefully people will wisen up that the general public were the biggest losers in the long run if the wrong person get in office.

          A beg Ibori is your brother 🙂

          E se o, e ku ile. It is always exciting visiting ‘home’ one tends to pay attention to stuff others see as ‘normal’ where to start?


  2. The pleasure is v much mine. Yes, we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief but as your essay cautioned, we must be watchful.


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      1. Whao, now I gotta dig well with the origin of this song, we were part of Oyo state at the time as Osun was only carved out in1993. I’ll check with my Ibadan friends if they knew of it.

        Also given Idiagbon was from Ondo state, I’ll check…

        See, you would think all schools in the 80s would know this given it was meant to boost HoS initiative of war against indiscipline…

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    1. Thank you… I really do hope it wasn’t my school alone who had the chance of learning this song. I know my music teacher took it so seriously but there must be other people from the 80’s who had the same experience – I really hope so.

      Now, maybe I need to record the song to share how I learnt it… 🙂

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        1. Just checked with my sister who joined my school in ’87, she remembers it too only not as much as I did – this is partly because after the coup, everything changed so the scheme of WAI was trashed just as they did GMB – My country!

          Thank you for stopping by.


  3. Haha, i never heard about the WAI song after national anthem, wow. I remember escorting my mother during the 2007 elections and she voted for buhari. its good to see after all these whilw he has made it. I pray he doesn’t let Nigerians down.

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    1. Nigeria is a funny country – If a HoS is not particularly liked, whatever he/she says gets swept under the carpet, I hope this will change now so our people people see Buhari as the leader of Nigeria so he can do his job to the best of his ability hence I think local and state support is very important as the president alone can not do it.

      Yea, there was a song, now I doubt all secondary school children had the chance to learn it at all…

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  4. Reblogged this on Adejokeiyabadan's Blog and commented:
    “Overall it has been peaceful compared to any in recent history and we have managed to vote out our Clueless president which is a massive victory and unprecedented – assumed office as part of ‘it’s my turn’ policy. Fingers crossed, this will be the beginning of progress for the country.”

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