Sex tape craze and the toasted genitals

My November blogpost on a Nigerian in Uganda who leaked naked photos of his ex as a revenge for going out with another guy attracted quite some reactions given my humble blog. Here

My stance at the time was that Patrick probably lost his girlfriend to another man who is smart enough to appreciate the moment.

So last month a similar incidence happened in South Africa. A twenty-five year old man had relationship with a 17 years old school girl. Unsuspecting teenager did all while the guy recorded all the acts using his laptop.

Humphrey Khoza denied putting the video online. How did it get to the open?

So the teenage girl’s reaction was to turn to jungle justice knowing she would be mocked than receiving any pity let alone justice. So got her hands on battery acid, poured it on Humphrey genital area, leaving him with needing surgery, if only to urinate henceforth.

Extreme you say? The girl is 17 years old.

Sexual violence is rife in South Africa, with ‘jackrolling’ (gang rape) seen as fun activity to many young male.

Even with roasted genitals which is an awful thing to happen to anyone, Humphrey refused to prosecute the teenage girl as that would do nothing to the indelible scar.

I feel sorry for both of them. The teenage girl, prosecuted or not will have to live with the regret of the harsh reaction to her dignity that was dragged in the mud.

Humphrey will have to deal with the fact that, although he has been scarred permanently – he did this to himself.

Even with digital age and hype of social media, relationships are meant for humans not camcorders.

How I hope that when we, Africans copy ‘trends’ from the west, we can focus on plenty of positive things to emulate and not the ones that we have no law enforcement to help us with.