Human concotion: Key ingredient for abundance of wealth and power

Not too surprising that ritual killing for all sorts of reasons still exists in Africa – this is not an isolated event, it is an integral part of the plan to keep the poor, this time mental poverty-stricken folks where they belonged – darkness for ever.

For lots of ugly reasons including ritual killings, we, Africa is a country, maybe not all but for a handful.

Here I see opportunity to collaborate on educating citizens across borders.

Ivory Coast ritual killing of school children is one that rings true. Seeing parents talking about the killings as if it’s another storm to be avoided, all hoping that it will go away, but ritual killings would not go away unless, the nations involved started exposing and punishing the perpetrators.

Yes, education plays a big role in liberating hardened minds.

How’s that even possible that human corpse can be placed in a room corner and will magically throw up cash? Any currency – my people are so daft to even believe this is possible.

And more disturbing is the fact that this is one of the big problems that we, in Nigeria always brush aside and we pray to God to take it away.

Why do we still believe this? Well, many Nigerians and indeed Africans still believe in ritual killings because those who are ‘selected’ to lead us are not going to fund research to shed lights so people can be liberated from chasing the shadows.

The clip below is of the Ivorian parents panicking, it could have been from anywhere south of Nigeria. Interesting that Nigerians in the north kill in the name of religion and in the south it is for sacrifice.

Only a few months ago, one happened in my town, the culprit handed to the police only to be released a few days later. Clement Oyetunde was caught with a human head. Now, given Mr Oyetunde’s day job is watching over “God’s sheep” he is now back in business performing endless miracles for his likes.