Saving Africa from Africans

August 4-6 was African Leaders Summit hosted President Barrack Obama, the gathering was termed ‘historic.’ A lot of issues were discussed among which were and not limited to security problems on the continent and more importantly effort to strengthen trading between Africa and the United States. To help put trading relationship in perspective, currently China’s trade relationship with the continent is $200 billion annually while USA is $85 billion.

The gathering was very important no doubt, and I hope our leaders come out implementing some of the new ideas gained from the summit.

Here I wonder. Fifty African leaders of which 37 were head of state, in Washington? Together at the same event? We didn’t bite one another for the whole three days! So why aren’t African leaders doing the same within Africa discussing how we can improve trading amongst ourselves?

I get it. For a starter, it is far easier to get American visa from Nigeria than say South African visa.

Washington Summit ended on August 6th.

August 12th, American Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church disclosed his new project, inviting African pastors for ALL-AFRICA PURPOSE DRIVEN Church Leadership Training Conference.  in Kigali, Rwanda August 2015.

What? Training. Planting gospel. Purpose Driven. Listen to the short clip message.

Another leadership training, this time pastors on the continent.

Listening to Pastor Rick Warrens’s Tedtalks speech I can tell he has very similar traits to many of Nigeria Pentecostal pastors but he is different because he lives in a different country where to a large extent, fairness in justice existed, with the exception of people who looked like Erik Garner at least and that the line between the church and the state is a lot less blurry in the United States compared to Nigeria.

Already as is in Nigeria, there is no difference between politics and religion. Our president right hand man is a pastor with bling bling followed by all major Nigeria sensational pastors.

Nigerians don’t usually agree on anything but on religion and the extremity of it, most people are in agreement hence you see cases like this  repeating itself every month despite the risks to citizens and huge amount of complaints from Nigerians. The head of the church by the way, officiated at our president’s daughters wedding less than two weeks after Chibok girls were kidnapped.

Is Rick Warren inviting pastors like Nigerian TB Joshua, well, you haven’t heard from the man since the building of his church collapsed in September leaving at least 115 of church members dead. What happened was as horrible as the event that follows – the man of God is trying really hard to pull supporters so he is not held accountable. 

Before anyone gets the idea. I am going to help Katherine and William on this one. I could have suggested the venue to be Nigeria but it wouldn’t be a wise idea given (whispering) let’s just say ours is a bit different as we have way too many Kings and Palaces so to avoid heated debates and likelihood of blood-shedding let’s not go there at all.

Since the King of Swaziland was at Katherine and William’sthey may want to make Mswati III palace as the venue to bring all Monarchs on the continent together for Monarchs Leadership Outreach. If William likes, he could make sure the event coincides with when the King will be choosing his 16th wife among the virgin parade – Not sure Kate would want that, but hey, that would be her call.

Time for inward reflections on the continent?

16 thoughts on “Saving Africa from Africans

  1. Okay, now that sanity – and the pills – have taken control of my fingers, I will attempt to convince you that this – the summit – is (or possibly could be) a good idea, Rick warren not withstanding. The necessity of leaders being leaders is very well documented and desperately needed. People, American Negroes as well as their African brethren are in need of leaders and the so-called ‘role models’ no matter from whence they arise. In Nigeria and the rest of the planet people reference the bible and it’s “teachings” for guidance – never asking from whom did said guidance counselors get their instructions – as for your new bff barack’s d.c. Gathering back in August, you do recall, the (pardon me) ‘white folks’ didn’t want the Africans to enter the country, “they’ll be bringing their Ebola with them” so the scrutiny imposed on the representatives and their entourage was such that differences (believe it or not) were set aside in the name of continental unity – if only such thought were an everyday occurrence – so Obama held nothing more than yet another “photo op” (wonder if he ever gets tired of being a ‘prop’) as you are aware nothing has become of his grand summit to date. Rick warren (and I feel less amicable towards him than I do the pair of Windsor Trolls) while loathsome, does, admittedly, have a knack for getting results: whether God influenced or whatever, pastors/religious leaders get their ‘flocks’ to acquiesce, for a period at any rate, so who knows. Africans, like you admitted, do listen to “men of the cloth” even ones – actually particularly to ones – adorned with “bling-bling” and by the way, perhaps during your days in Seattle, you failed to realize, “in God we trust” is pretty much the national mantra for this wretched (for minority people) country, so that “blurry line” you think exist here is not that out of focus, in theory, sure, just like in theory the police exist to ‘serve and protect’ in theory. So like you, I have reservations regarding Rick warren, but unlike you – in the case of trying seminar – I’m willing to see who goes and what comes from it, but the Monarchs outreach, nah, too many chiefs spoil the soup!

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    1. Love that “too many chiefs spoil the soup!”

      No doubt the power of religion to unite people but you only have to spend a few minutes on Lagos major road paying attention to the stickers on cars to question if it was God, the one above that people worship or the man standing behind the pulpit.

      African nations need training in leadership, am not convinced we are in any shortage of Christian or indeed Muslim preachings.

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      1. Boy, you are definitely P.O.’ed today, what happened? Rick Warren showed up at your door preaching the gospel of greed? Or did my boy Goodluck send a car and roses,now that Madame P is in Jo’burg?

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        1. 🙂 🙂 I know a bit about sensational preachers as they are ‘in your face’ everyday and actively doing complete opposite of what they preach and the thought that Nigeria needed more of another religious preachings is a bit unsettling.

          While school children in the US memorised the names of their past leaders and important dates in history, their counterpart in Nigeria memorised Bible and Quran verses – where have we gotten ourselves with that? No thank you Mr Warren.

          As for your ‘boy’ Goodluck, since you are back on ‘his side’ advice of a name change after his term ends as our commander-in-chief wouldn’t be completely out of line.

          Madam P in SA? I hope she gets out to visit the outskirts of Jo’burg hopefully, plenty to reflect on.

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          1. Please Folakemi, if our impending nuptials are to be fulfilled, (are you off the floor yet?) stop critiquing Commandante Jonathan, or he won’t preside at the wedding! School children here are no longer required to memorize anything, more than likely, I’ve been informed, the only thing they need to know by rote is: – sad I know – rumor has it that Madame P is searching out a ‘suitable’ locale to call home, once her “husband” serves out his second term. Not being that familiar with her ancestral heritage, I find kwazulu or Durban curious spots for her; as for me, well, I loved my time in Durban and if happenstance dictated, would happily decamp there – but damnnit, I’d have to get your permission first – (I see you’re back on the floor)

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            1. Was about to get off the floor until I read something about second term, well GEJ is already on his second term given he was the deputy to Yar’Adua.

              Why is husband in inverted comma, GEJ not enough of a husband? 🙂 afterall you are pals, you know him best.

              What irony Mrs P searching for suitable home to retire in SA? Don’t know where to begin – I don tire finish!

              You have my permission, you’ve found yourself perfect bunch as neighbours. You can spend evening under starlight sipping fine wine from the valley whilst chatting along about life – bliss. Make it quick please! 🙂

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              1. ouch, “perfect bunch as neighbors” you can be so cruel!!!! forget Jonathan was vice president at one time (funny how fast time slips away isn’t it) did love my time in Durban, must be admitted and may even be back in January for my birthday!

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  2. Before I comment – as you KNEW I would – let me opine on my hatred for the “British – so called – Royal Family: “Child Please!!!!! Take away their State Funded Entitlement and what do you have? Proprietors of a Windsor Fish and Chip shop, probably no doubt refusing service to the ‘Afro-Caribbean’ family down the freaking street!!! Rich people being rich people are no more deserving/entitled than the poor bastard living on (a far less monied) state pension. Oh my lord Folakemi, and these particular two pieces of pathetic white garbage, ah hell, let me stop before MI5 sends Bond to beat up on my black ass

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    1. I thought it was Mahogany backside?

      History is powerful but sometimes more powerful is current events. Many people of my generation have read some very uncomfortable story of the continent, that we could not do anything to change however, we can do something to change our present situation for better tomorrow.

      But where do you start when my people keep electing someone like your friend who is in the post because it was his ‘turn’?
      My people love to talk about the adverse effect foreign religion on our culture but yet they led someone like Rick Warren to believe we needed more preachings when as Nigeria stands today in the South we have more churches per square mile than schools?

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      1. I was being polite – “Royalty” and all – people seek guidance and believe in it (as do I) it’s just knowing where to go, to turn, to find that guidance that we often fail the test. Yet we (especially me) continue in our search. – sorry for the serious tone – nothing wrong with places of worship, it’s the person standing behind the pulpit that I have complains with. In my opinion, the more churches there are the more avenues for mental, emotional and spiritual relief we can have. Better than in some black communities here, as you know from Seattle, where there’s seemingly a liquor store on every corner (with dope peddlers out back) in the ‘hood’

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          1. Hey now, nothing wrong with long services, trust me my youth and attending with my mother (she was A.M.E.) taught me that, it was the bizarrely hypocritical sermons that made my butt (yes, the ‘mahogany black’ one) ache!

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