Nigeria story: Change it. Re-write it.

The play started with the creation of Nigeria.

This is serious stuff been staged in a children’s theatre.  Children loved tales especially the one that were unbelievable you could only thought it was a Fairy Tale only that in this case, the event did happen. The children in the crowd were alert absorbing all the details, they joined in happily in the chorus.

Photo of a poster
Photo of a poster

Something sounds familiar that I was unable to put my finger on. It was not the play as I was only watching for the first time, it wasn’t the story as I could relate to how Nigeria has never worked.

Then it occurred to me that it was a quote that I read somewhere, long ago. I think it is Toni Morrison’s but I am not quite sure as   i can’t seem to locate the source. It goes like this – if a story is too difficult for adult to comprehend, tell it to children.

Then I got it.

One hundred years on after Nigeria Amalgamation, our country celebrated earlier this year. Lots of people who have stood by Nigeria either to sink ‘the boat’ or to lend hand were honoured – all of them including ex-president Abacha in grave, who while alive squeezed every kobo from the soil to hide in foreign banks, some of which will never be recovered. Whoever doubted GEJ idiosyncrasies, that is a good one to help see clearly, yesterday GEJ had a closed door meeting with the son of Abacha who by the way wanted to be the governor of Kano state, really? Yes, really, this is Nigeria. Jonathan probably is licking Mohamed’s boots, sweating and begging that he dropped governorship ambition only to safe face and nothing else.

Lots of notable Nigerians refused to attend the centenary noting that nothing to celebrate, they included Prof Wole Soyinka for very good reasons.

Mr Gbolahan Obisesan, the writer and director of this play did a wonderful job of showing the audience a bit of how and why Nigeria creation did not work. The result of it is known too well to Nigerians and indeed the world.

How do we re-write our history so the land can heal in a way that benefit us everyone?

How about if we do the opposite of all that we have always been doing?

What is evidenced is that we have always chosen the easiest route – tribalistic approach.

Our current president GEJ was ‘installed’ because ‘it is their turn,’

Nigerian children get scolded and ordered to go back and make peace with friends in case of fallouts but yet Nigerian adults are the ones to insist peace can not be unless we go separate ways.

How about holistic approach whereby we for once, elect a leader to lead us and tribe/religious affiliations play no part in decision-making process?

Wouldn’t be long now. February is around the corner.