African gay seeking asylum in the UK? Not so fast

President Jonathan Goodluck signed anti-gay bill into Nigeria constitution in January this year. Before then there has been lots of outcry about how homosexuality are being discriminated against in Nigeria, everyone has their opinion on this. What adults do in the privacy of their homes may be priority in another land but definitely not in Nigeria – not now, not when a section of the country is burning and we haven’t found solution to quench the fire aka Boko Haram.

I knew that Nigeria following in the footsteps of Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni on anti-gay bill is not going to be pretty for gay or straight. This is because people that are desperate to leave the country would use this as the reason – not judging those who fall in this category, it’s just the reality.

The issue here is that Britain, rightly would do all they can to reduce the number of asylum seekers into their country – this will be done using all means possible.

As predicted, “In 2013 some 283 people claimed asylum in Britain on the grounds that they were at risk overseas because they are gay or lesbian. Many cases come from African states whether homosexuality is subject to the death penalty.”

And another one here, a Nigerian: “There was no way I could talk about what I was going through. I’d never spoken to anyone about my sexuality. “I couldn’t mention my sexuality to them. I didn’t know if they were in contact with police. I didn’t know if this country was friendly. I couldn’t talk to them about my persecution, my religion and all of that.

European court has ruled that UK Home Office asking asylum seekers to proof they are gay is breach of human rights. Listening to a radio program yesterday whereby an employee of the Home Office was invited to talk through procedures they had in place to be sure asylum status is only granted on the ground of sexuality discrimination in home country. Part of what the man (can’t remember his name) talked about was that they had video to watch and some other stuff that is just too demeaning for any adults.

An adult being sat in front of an X rated video? I’d say all you needed in this situation is to be human with blood running through your veins.

Now, I am not blaming the UK government, if they liked they could ask for people to hop like bunnies, they only did this because my government GEJ is delusional pushing people away from Nigeria by all means possible and could not foresee the consequences.

Not anymore can foreigners take advantage of Human Rights law to seek asylum in the west. Western countries are finding ways to ‘honourably’ decline entry to anyone if they figured you would end up being a burden on their system.

Afusat Saliu was deported to Nigeria in June despite she claimed her two girls will be at the risk of FGM. A few years ago she would have been allowed to stay in the UK using the same claim. 

What’s next?

Neither of these cases affected me but they don’t have to before we can all see the bigger picture. Maybe next time President Jonathan is debating on important issues just so he can please the religious hypocrites, we can all speak up because the reality is, it is always the common people who will suffer.

And guess what? New VIP visa service for wealthy foreigners by the same country and you can be sure this is the category for all of our politicians and their family and we all knew well that their wealth is neither through inheritance nor hard work.

Maybe this is one of the areas Nigerians should look into when voting in a few months – a leader with a spine that would put interest of the people first.