Maid from hell

A few years ago, a lady asked if her potential new boss could contact me for a reference. Mr Ade, when he called wanted to hire Blessing as a maid, Blessing would be required to look after two children under five, expected to do some house keeping duties as well.

I told Mr Ade all that I knew about Blessing – being an Edo woman who has a son of her own, she is hard-working and cares about her own family. I have known Blessing for a couple of years at the time, she worked as a house keeper for a friend in Victoria Island, Lagos. She is honest.

I could hear Mr Ade’s excitement from the other end that he has finally found a good woman to look after his children. In the end I added that he must do his own personal fact-finding about Blessing because her new role is completely different from the role I knew her from. Working for a single man who is barely home is different from looking after two toddlers.

Two sides to one story:

A resent case of Jolly Tumuhiirwe, a 22-year-old Ugandan maid is a very sad one, however not new. Jolly, was caught on hidden camera torturing the poor toddler in her care. I have over the years heard several horror stories of maids torturing children in their care as well as maids being tortured by their bosses. This one is especially very sad, Jolly’s wickedness towards Aneela is inhumane.

Sometimes when a maid is this sad like Jolly has displayed in the video below, it is not unusual to learn she is being paid next to nothing for the care she provides for the family. She is home all day, her life revolves around looking after a child or two. They barely have any break, and seldom allowed to visit their family in the village. I am not excusing Jolly’s attitude in any way, what she did was horrific and must be punished for it but I always wondered if parents who thought they had a good ‘deal’ with a maid ever thought how important it is that the maid has a break as well as being paid well, going rate at least.

Kamanzi, the toddler’s father did what any loving father would be tempted to do after watching the horror clip – he came down on Jolly a little too hard – Jolly now in a wheelchair from so much beating.

Now this is what we have – Aneela, the toddler in hospital seriously unwell and Jolly, the maid from hell also fighting for her life and on top waiting for her sentence for the offence committed.

Disclaimer: This is a very distressing video clip, only 1.58mins long but took me four attempts to finish, but it is worth seeing.





– I am happy to report that Aneela is well and in her father’s arms.

– Uganda civil right lawyer Ladislaus Rwakafuzi is willing to defend Jolly. This I am happy about because in the process, Jolly has to be completely honest with her lawyer. Maid abusing children in care is too common to just punish the maid without thorough investigation.

– Another interesting perspective to this horrific event.

51 thoughts on “Maid from hell

  1. No he didnt come down on jolly hard enough cause she walking today she shouldve gotten death penalty she almost kilt that baby the whole world wants a piece of her. After i watched this video i couldnt sleep until i found out her repercussion. I cried for days I felt better once i read what dad did to her.


  2. I’ve not watched the video but based on your description, I don’t intend to 😔.

    Here where I live, some maids can be so bad that they torture seniors they are hired to care for when children are working.

    Our children here are a feisty lot and educated, so they actually treat maids badly, as in ordering them like slaves, at their behest.

    I call these spoilt brats. But there are good stories too and there are maids who are treated like family and cared for like family.

    It is never easy having a stranger be a part of the family and regardless, it is tough being a maid, far away from their point of origin and families that they are supporting from afar.

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    1. The video is very sad.

      Psychologists would have plenty to say regarding the possible reasoning behind Jolly’s attitude, her face was almost emotionless, surprising she has been looking after the same child.

      I guess for me, I just don’t think Jolly’s reasoning could be brushed aside. You just don’t wake up one day to be that cruel to a toddler in your care…

      The case is progressing rapidly in Uganda. Human Rights lawyer who wanted to represent Jolly was not allowed, she pleaded guilty the other day. However the case was adjourned for verdicts for later date.


    2. If you see what that bitch did to that baby you would not be saying none of this shit that baby was 18 months old she was not a spoiled brat she was innocent


    1. Thanks Lab for the comment. The video is deeply upsetting indeed. If Jolly’s reason for torturing the toddler was that she needed time off work and financial help, all the more reason for her to rot in jail as the poor girl could no have helped her.
      Also, more reason for parents to be more sensitive to their helpers’ needs too.


  3. I am appalled at how the maid treated the child. I have absolutely no compassion for this maid. I am not interested in her explanation cuz there is no excuse for this type of behaviour. I dont care if she is not treated well. All she had to do is leave the job. Abusing that child is just wickedness and I hope she rots in jail, she should get life.

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    1. Completely agree with you re Jolly’s treatment of Aneela and that Jolly deserves all the punishment she gets as a result of her action towards the girl in her care.

      This sort of problem is very common in Africa and underreported, hopefully there is a lesson to be learnt from this incidence so the same problem don’t keep repeating itself.


  4. I haven’t watched the video. I won’t. The sad spiral of abuse. Poor working conditions, poor pay, no time off. People need to be respected for their work. Employers take advantage. Not excusing abuse in any circumstance. Care and understanding is all we should ask of one another.

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    1. I hear you, re not watching the video, it is harrowing, you can not watch it without pausing followed by wanting to throw up – that bad, no joke.

      I am with you. I hate that a little toddler is involved but at the same time we can not deal with issues like this effectively by not hearing Jolly out.

      Only a few weeks ago, a fellow blogger told me about a 30year old maid that was killed at the boss’s house, she knew the maid from very little and thought she was a good and loyal woman – why was she killed? No one knows. Local newspapers can’t be bothered about cases like that. This happened somewhere in the Southsouth of Nigeria.

      I am glad that a local human rights lawyer is willing to represent Jolly, I bet she will still be punished for her crime but it is inspiring that not everyone is over-powered by emotion to see the need for Jolly to be heard.


        1. I know, in Africa, we are too cautious of not wanting to air our dirty underwear in public and it’s no wonder ‘African healing’ is taking longer in all fronts.

          Maid abuse especially forced sexual advances is rife, lots of people ignore this as ‘no issue’ but what we have forgotten was that today the world is not so small anymore.

          In that video, tv was blaring underground, the maid perhaps have internet access and a mobile phone – these all means that people do share knowledge and experiences much more than it used to be.

          How do adults monitor their behaviour so their defenceless children wouldn’t have to suffer for offences they didn’t commit?


  5. Hi Folakemi, you have liver o! First of all, I didn’t have the guts to watch it and still won’t…just listening to the sounds coming from the phones of those watching and seeing their reaction sent enough message.

    I’m not sure what my reaction to that girl will be, but I’m sure it wouldn’t have been nice. For the love of Christ even if the child was a teen, I still won’t take that from her…

    I get what you mean by saying we should hear her POV, but that’s if you are now the psychologist that will use her as a case study for ‘crazy’ maids. That baby didn’t deserve any of that treatment or bitterness.

    On the other hand, Maid needs LOVE (GOD) and human love too to pull through the trauma she has caused which will follow her for a long while if not for life. “Whatever” had possessed her to do this had long fled with that beating, our ‘righteous’ anger, curses and death wishes and left her to bear the consequences alone. It is well with Aneela, she will be strengthened and healed completely and her father will be endued with wisdom on what to do Amen.

    Inbetween: Sorry you have to be on the receiving end for daring to view it another way. Hugs.

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    1. Ha, Thank you Imani for the support, really needed the hugs for a shield at least.

      I beg, take heart and watch it the clip, even if you have to squint your eyes.

      See o, I agree that Jolly’s attitude was inexcusable especially with a defenceless child. All I am trying to say was that before we send her to an erupting volcano, Jolly should be made to explain the all the whys.

      With you on the prayers.

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  6. I think this Maid had been beaten herself in her life. That is what continues the cycle. The cycle of anger is a deep seated painful cycle, only to be revealed through years of anguish, Many women children and men have been living through this daily, even cases of insane anger killing so many. The dark side of humanity is really tough to see especially when it affects our children. I can only pray that this insanity is being stopped by the awareness that love heals ,even with all this dark energy. I pray for all who are unable to stop the raging, sending love from the light into the darkness. May all beings find love inside themselves, reflecting back love rather than hatred of self to another. And so it is
    Heart to Heart Robyn

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  7. FOLAKEMIODOAJE the author of this article… how dare you make sure comments or even try to excuse the behaviour of this heartless maid!!! I don’t care how much she gets paid whether little or more!!! she choose to do the job and if at any point she felt she wasn’t being paid fairly then she should have left!!!

    To torture a toddler like that is unimaginable and unexcused…if it were me that she did that to my child..I would boil hot oil cut her up and pour it on her and allow her to roast…she needs to be imprisoned for life!!!

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    1. Thank you val. I am not sure if you read the whole of my post or just the section that talked about different perspective to this whole saga.

      Yes, you can do all that you said in the second paragraph, and I might do the same to Jolly but it will be such a waste if we acted just the same way as Jolly did before hearing her side of the story.


      1. There is no side to Jolly’s story. Whether she was unhappy or not well paid is irrelevant here. No person with a heart could beat such a small child to that extent. If she was unhappy at her job, she should have quit, not take it out on the helpless little child. She is a monster, plain and simple

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        1. You are right, she is a monster and I don’t think anyone with blood in their veins would disagree with you.

          Aneela did not deserve to be treated in such humane manner for the offence she clearly did not commit.

          Will killing Jolly bring about any change to maid brutalising children in their care or learn the reasoning behind her actions so as to prevent this type of attitude reoccurring?


  8. Ask yourself is this a maid who deserves a break?, that maid has done so much damage to that baby, the father didn’t even have to hesitate on beating worthless piece of crap. That maid deserves that beating and more than 3 years in jail. I send my prayers to that baby.

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    1. Hmnn, the part where I wrote about break was trying to get in the mind of Jolly just to understand what is going on there hence the reference to time off/fair pay, not saying Jolly deserve a break or anything for that matter after what she has done to Aneela.

      If 3 years is the maximum prison time for attempted murder in Ug so be it but I do hope there is a system in place to prevent Jolly from working with young family in the near future.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  9. This blog pisses me off as it appears to be feeling sorry for this spineless cow! She deserves everything she gets, who knows how many other innocent kids shes abused. She is cold and calculated and had the nerve to run to police after her beating…kmt. The evil done in the dark always comes to light. Well done Dad! I hail U! Ur child is beautiful and is loved by us all. My prayers are with the baby and father especially. God bless xxx


    1. A young man with growing kids put his feelings this way: “I would have killed her before I knew what I was doing …”

      I agree with you, but I think you’re wrong in your conclusion about where you think the blogger’s sympathy lies. I watched till The Maid from the Worst Part of Dante’s Inferno which is where she will end strike the child a second time and stopped watching but the piercing cries of that lisp of a girl as she felt the wrath of the scumbag told me what was going on. I also heard narrations from those more nervy than me. She even ate the girl’s food!

      Too bad for words.

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    2. I am glad I managed to piss you off, seriously I am, otherwise this whole episode will fade away after we all get angry the same way and nothing will change.

      Not sure if you watch the whole video clip, I encourage that you see it one more time, if you can please. Anger shown towards the poor toddler is of pure hatred and you and I could easily agree a toddler isn’t old enough to make anyone angry this much. Why is this woman this angry is what I’d love to know, so again lesson can be learnt.

      Again, Jolly’s attitude towards Aneela is inexcusable in any shape or form, and again I see no point in killing her when the only reason that is obvious to the wider world is mostly speculations at this point.


  10. Why would you even try to justify her actions by saying she does not have a break, the maids get tired! Rubbish, if your not happy with your treatment or payments you recieve does not mean you subject an innocent baby to assume the role of your frustration bag. That witch got what she deserved because this child would have been killed for sure. Putting all her body weight on a tiny tot, severe beating with no remorse. She has no heart…useless woman.

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    1. Completely agree Jolly deserves the beating and much more. And this is clearly a case of misplaced anger.

      Actually watching the clip over again, I don’t think lack of time off work/low paid is enough to get anyone hating a child they look after this much and more reason why Jolly need to feel better so we can all learn the truth behind her devilish attitude.

      Again, Aneela. the toddler deserved none of the treatment she received.

      Many thanks


  11. Nothing but a death sentence unfortunately would appease me for the treatment this maid meted out to this innocent child! Who knows what she did to the child when she took the child away? Couldn’t watch this a second time. Maid from hell indeed,

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    1. Very disturbing video clip indeed. Not sure about the death sentence given Aneela is still alive and hopefully no permanent damage has been done to the little child.

      My hope is that parents and indeed maids learn from this.


  12. No. The father of the child did not come on too hard on Jolly – the maid. She deserves being in a wheelchair. She’s lucky she isn’t dead to be honest, because any parent would actually kill the person they see abusing their children to this extent. The fact that she was stepping on the child’s back though… was she aiming at breaking the child’s spine? This is ridiculous. And I hope she is sentenced for life. You never ever ever treat anybody – a child or adult in such an inhumane way, whether you are being paid for your services as being a maid or not. Foolishness.

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    1. Agree with you. Jolly is sad and her behaviour was inexcusable. Actually, she wanted to kill Aneela given what we all saw.
      Jolly deserves to face the highest punishement according to the Ugandan law, however my point is we today have hundreds of Jolly in homes in Africa and indeed the world, we need to get every little details behind her evil attitude, father killing her will not solve the problem or prevent similar incidence in future.
      I am not blaming the girl’s father but rather offering a different perspective.


      1. I agree and understand. Are there any investigations going on, finding out why Jolly did what she did, besides receiving low pay? I feel like the excuses would be familial- like, maybe she’s from an abusive family etc. But would the details behind her attitude change anything? Several other maids are like this around the world, yes. But their behaviors will continue to be like this if – for example, they come from broken homes/abusive homes. We can’t control what goes on in peoples’ homes or their upbringing. However what is wrong is wrong, and what is right is right- that is universal (I hope I’m making sense lol…).

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        1. Yes, you do make sense and I get your points. The whole thing is all messed up because Jolly is sick from the beating (deservedly so) not much is revealed about her background, coming from a broken is not an excuse for her actions.

          Fingers crossed lots more would be revealed, what is clear from that video was that Jolly was blinded with anger that could only be attributed to someone who really did not care about the repercussions of her action.

          Whatever her anger was is beyond low pay in my opinion


  13. Okay Folakemi, I have no defense for her actions and offer none. Hiring “care-takers” for one’s children is not rocket science, nor should it be like selecting melons at the market, yet people (and I’m not saying this is the case) seem to treat it as such, until tragedy strikes and then it’s like “I never knew she was this way, I never imagined this happening” to often it comes down to how cheap will she be, after all if I can get her at £2 a day (literally) why pay the other girl £5? Think about it, sorry to say, but in this world/society you really do get what you pay – or don’t – for.

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    1. Hey, long time no hear!

      I completely agree with you, sadly this is often the case. I do hope that more facts about Jolly’s pay and holiday time is brought to open so we can all learn from it.

      Just sad that little Aneela bears it all on her poor little body and mind.

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  14. Thank you! For sharing this. I started watching this video yesterday cause it corculated on fb but I didn’t have the heart to finish watching it. My heart isn’t string enough for such violence. I hope that parents watching this realize that searching for a maid is actually serious work and not everyone Is Nannh McPhee. I pray the little girl becomes alright. (Some were actually saying that she died, I don’t know maybe you can clarify this for me).

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    1. Thanks Kaygy. You are not alone, I even watched with one eye closed, hoping it was a bad dream. It’s horrible.
      According to my friend who lives in Kampala as of yesterday the little girl is alive and revovering. W’ll hear more tomorrow.


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