A sliver of hope (2)

Tugbo here is my mother’s goat. Full name ‘Tara eni t’ogbo’ loosely means my business is enough for me to mind. Oh well, this is hardly true for neither me nor my mother! We have always had a goat in my family, but always one mother goat at a time given no yard to keep them. My favourite Tugbo and the longest in my family was white with a little black spot on the nose and tail. I grew up to know her and lasted until I was out of secondary school. She started off with two kids at a time and in her prime three kids! Everyone in my family loved Tugbo for many reasons mostly that when my mother sells the kids, it is usually for something very important we got in exchange like school stuff or christmas clothes. And when things were a bit ‘normalised’ in my family, we used the male kids for Christmas for a very long time.

As is always the case good things don’t last forever, Tugbo grew old and was put to sleep more than a decade a go. Since then we have had so many Tugbo, none has fit the shoes of the old one.

This Tugbo was a gift to my mother from my sister’s in law. We’ve never had a brown Tugbo so very special. It was my father who spotted Tugbo given birth to her first kid, so he yelled “can someone give me a bowl of water?” “Tugbo gave birth!” My parents always sprinkle water on a newly born kid/s to help loosen the sticky stuff on them. We all rushed out to see…

IMG_2119 2










The following photos are from Ikogosi Spring, Ekiti State. The location is about an hour and half drive from my town. I have only found out about the hidden gem of the town about a year ago. What I love most about this place was the fact that there is no one in ‘your face’ very peaceful, quiet and clean and most importantly security within and around was super as no wandering touts to be seen anywhere. The fee to wander round and visit the spring is 500naira (as at October last year) that’s a bargain. I went there twice within a week as I was that excited, the first time a friend drove and the second time took public transport and it was not bad, the receptionist there were helpful, you just need to tell them, they call their local taxi from Ikogosi to come and the service was, I must say fantastic. My seven nephew and nieces went there before Christmas last year doing young people stuff – they loved it too. This place is best for family reunion or a weekend getaways with friends and family.

Highlight: One foot in the noticeable flowing warm water and the other in cold РNature! The meeting point as shown in photo 3

Here are a few of the photos I took: