A Sliver of hope

Rays of hope as a reminder that it’s not all bad. I believed this and hold on tightly to it.

I have taken so many photos in the last years of my wander round my town, my state and my country. I hope to do more in future as this strengthens my hope in humanity and that the struggle, the hard work that many Nigerians are putting into changing the fate of our country will pay off.

Here is my town, Modakeke, this particular photo is not the one that the town is known for, usually the photos I see and the ones on the internet are that of burnt houses/churches/schools. This Anglican church is in the heart of the town and it has survived all the crisis since 1980s, many churches especially around the borders did not make it. Sometimes, we are angry at God too!IMG_2523














My visit to Osogbo Grove renewed my hope in Yoruba culture. Amazing preservation work of Susanne WengerMay her soul rest in peace.
















These were taking at Obafemi Awolowo Zoo Ile Ife. The last time I visited which was about 17 years ago, the lion at the time was starved. Seeing this in October last year, well fed and looking content  – my hope was renewed.
















Maybe there is hope after all.