STI – Jungle Fever and the danger of trusting White Expats in Nigeria


If you have an Oyinbo (Caucasian) friends or colleagues working anywhere in developing world and in this case Africa you are likely to see my points here.

For a taxi/molue drivers: Obalende or FESTAC.

For Oyinbos, rich Nigerians or young male breaking into the new world married or not: Pats Bar or Why Not in Victoria Island, or The Palm in Lekki present plenty of good-looking women looking to supplement their day job with extra income.

None of these were hidden.

Adults can do whatever they so pleased with their bodies when making sure they are not danger to people around – I do think people involved in this “trade” should be well informed on how best to protect themselves against infectious diseases, the benefits is not just for themselves but for other innocent people who through no fault of their own might get caught up in the mess.

Noticing a plaster…

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