State of education and inspiration from Akintunde Ahmed

This morning is one of the most exciting ones I have had lately. Just reading some news and Akintunde’s popped up, thank goodness I pursed to see what the news was about.

How did I miss Akintunde’s story early on this year? Following the news, I realised it happened around the same time Chibok girls news was hot in Nigeria, well still is because we very much want GEJ to #Bringbackourgirls. And of course from then, it has been one thing after the other – not very good news.

Focusing on the positives now – for those who didn’t know Nigeria is unique in the sense that just by seeing someone’s name you already know they have some sort of connection with Nigeria and in most cases you can tell which tribe they belonged so one can make educated guess about where Uche/Hasan/Akintunde are from – even when they have never stepped foot on Nigeria soil.

Just the other day I came across another blog that talks about Cuba education being highly ranked and the best in the region. That was very interesting to me because in the last few years, Cuba has come up a lot in Nigeria especially among Yoruba. Also, I heard my state sent some folks there for culture tour of some sort – you see some folks in Cuba today still practice the traditions that has eroded in today Yorubaland. Osun state sitting governor has made tremendous efforts in terms of resuscitating state primary and secondary schools since he got to power four years ago, building new schools and putting education as one of his priorities – I grew up in the state and I have never seen any public officials doing this before – never! So reading about Cuba excellent education system, I thought “Is this where Ogbeni Aregbesola got his inspiration from?” I knew there is something special about my governor especially the way he handles education. He must have travelled to Cuba on numerous occasions, so he didn’t just wander round the towns and cities like many of our leaders would do, he was inspired and now implementing it right at home – very impressive.

So coming back to Akintunde, while talented and geniuses in Nigeria rot away, I am glad to see someone who has a connection to Nigeria is succeeding abroad – lesson to our leaders that if you create a conducive environment for children, their brilliance will shine through.  Well done Tunde, all the best at Yale. And congratulations to the proud parents and siblings. And I love that Ellen pronounced Tunde the right way – I can tell she practiced a lot before hand.

Hope you enjoy the video clip as I did.