Sonia Shah on malaria

I have over the years accumulated lots of many interesting talks from TED. Massive thanks to the group for sharing this wealth of information with the world freely.

Here is one of my favourites by Sonia Shah on malaria and how the least bothered people about finding solutions to rid of malaria are the people who are most affected. That is sad but true. See here.


Maggots in the brain


Life in the village sometimes can deal more than you ever bargained for. Life can be slow-paced and interesting and at the same time whenever there was any drama, everyone feels the impact, whether or not you liked to be involved.

It was one summer school holidays, I was in the village from school just like many school children. Long holidays are always very eventful. Two weeks earlier, there were words going around that someone has been stealing yam and maize from the farm huts. A few farmers had huts in the farms for produce storage and also for livestock. My father had a few dozen chickens at the time, he fed them twice daily and with plenty of insects to snack on, these chickens grew very big, a few other farmers in my village kept chicken in their huts too. It is very rare for anyone to complain about missing stuff in my village because we…

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