Nigeria Police – Welcome to Hell Fire

Nigeria is a very strange country, hence citizens sometimes behave very strangely. How would you take the news of Nigeria Police disputing the reports of police brutality of people? Why are they so concerned about international reputations so much so they went out of their way to defend the indefensible?

Since Force Public Relations Officer, Ag. CP Emmanuel Ojukwu chose to run after International Amnesty for being wrong about their portrayal of Nigeria Police torture system, I will give a couple of examples to back up the IA reports.

A few years a go in my small town, my close friend’s father was arrested on his farm along with a dozen or so of other men from the same village. They were all taken to the main police station in town, this was at Moore, Ile Ife. The news was all over the town by evening, everyone was worried. Kemi’s father was released after a couple of hours and narrated his tale to us. They were arrested from their farms because there was a long-standing dispute on the ownership, the police about twenty of them did not listen to a word from the farmers, they were arrested without prior warnings and mercilessly beating before being dragged to the police van – Kemi’s father was in his early 60s at the time. According to Kemi’s father, upon getting to Moore, they were let out into a big dirt yard, all the youths in the group were made to dig holes about six inches deep and then were told to strip naked and stick their manhood into the hole, forced to make motions as if making love to a person – my friend’s father was close to tears narrating this, and the crowd around him rained curses on the police for the inhumane abuse.

Now, Mr Ojukwu – how would you describe the above experience – Christmas treatment?

Another one for the man who should really have taking the report as a true reflection of Nigeria police treatment of common  people.

Not so long ago, my inlaw who lived in Lagos was coming from work in the evening on his motorbike, the police at Ipaja area motioned for him to stop, Ade moved slightly forward so as to find a safe place. Lifting up his head from parking his motorbike, the police officer slapped him for parking too far from the spot. Ade who is also a ‘Lagos boy’ thought that treatment was uncalled for, was furious and without thinking slapped the police officer back – hell broke loose. Four more officers joined, they beat night and day out of Ade so much so that he was badly bruised. His motorbike? He never went back to claim it as everyone knows what the result will be.

Mr Ojukwu – what do you call that – Eid al Fitr?

Maybe we should all share our experience so we know how broken the system is. Rather than disputing IA’s reports, how about a survey of the general public?

2 thoughts on “Nigeria Police – Welcome to Hell Fire

  1. It’s indeed sad that instead of bringing the erring police officers to book, the PR officer prefers to protect his ‘boys’ Will he do the same if his relatives were maltreated by the same people? I don’t know if torturing innocent citizens gives them joy.
    I wrote a similar post on police brutality:
    Let’s keep on speaking against such evils, and hopefully one day, things will change for the best.

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