GEJ – My favourite Nigeria president of recent years

I’ve got to give it to our sitting president, Goodluck Jonathan. He is the best president that I have ever had in recent times. He has never failed to consistently keep Nigerians interested in their country welfare. Who in the recent year has maintained such a high tempo, all in disastrous way like GEJ? No one, I’d say.

GEJ hunchback, dull look – that earned him a ‘clueless’ president ever, mumbling when talking about very important issues or making unexpected decisions that is worse than the previous – GEJ was not faking it, that is him in all his entirely.

A ko le gbin cocoa ka ka bara lori re – You can not plant cocoa and expect to harvest melon from the same tree.

This year alone –

– GEJ said he has always treated Boko Haram issue with kid’s glove – his words not mine. It takes GEJ 2 weeks to make a statement after over 200 students were abducted life from their dormitory. A couple of weeks later, GEJ had elaborate wedding for his adopted daughter, the minister at the wedding was one of the Nigerians sensational pastors aka GO of Redeemed Church. Has anything changed, No. Chibok girls still missing.

– Nigerians were outraged early in the year by the Centenary ceremony, people did not think we have anything to show for the 100 years after 1914 amalgamation. Those that were honoured included all Nigerians criminals both dead and alive. Professor Soyinka rejected the insult and sent a letter – a letter I believe GEJ could never comprehend because he is on the other side of reality.

Just as Nigerians were catching up on the breaths, GEJ announced the plan for a National Conference (Confab) Another wahala as more than half of the delegates did not represent the population age we have today. Within three months that Confab lasted, 8 people died – some due to underline medical conditions, some old age and others combination of the two.

– GEJ during an interview stated that stealing is not corruption – people pitied him that he should not be talking as everything he says came out wrong, oh well, if you are a president you have to talk sometimes. And what he says is how he sees it.

– Nigerians loved to be seen as religious. So earlier on in the year, GEJ promised his gullible followers that he’d worship in different church every week for the rest of the year. He took several photos at Redeemed church. He played well to Nigerians ignorance, well he is the king of that.

– TB Joshua, another Nigeria glorified councillor cum reverend last week killed at least 80 people at his church, not with a  gun. His church buildings in Lagos was originally two storeys. He raised the building to five using the same foundation without additional structural walls to support the heavy loads. This is a commercial building where thousand of people trudge weekly. The building collapsed, killed scores of people. This happened last week and yet no government officials sees any reason to arrest the prophet yet and definitely not deemed important enough to close the church for proper forensic test.

– A few days ago an aircraft belonging to the president of Christian Association of Nigeria, Mr Oritsejafor was caught in South Africa with $10million cash in the aircraft, the cash was said to be for buying weapons. The Israelis in the aircraft claimed to have rented the plane from Mr Oritsejafor. Well, Mr Oritsejafor’s body guards that he paraded on the streets were Israelis and this is a pastor whom Millions of Nigerians listened to. He is also close friend of GEJ so the case is likely go down same way as others.

– GEJ plays dumb to everything that is important and yet as a president he did not know where Boko Haram is located the Borno area. Yet pays a Washington-based PR firm $1.5 million to damage-repair him to Nigerians. And same GEJ only two weeks ago mocked Chibok girls by using hashtag #Bringbackourgoodluck to promote his 2015 reelection.

Maybe he wasn’t playing dumb afterall.