Unresolved murders in Nigeria – It’s all relative


It is all relative. If we don’t make a big deal of any member of our society being murdered, it will be very difficult to get any resolution to the ones we deemed untouchable.

Reading Adeolu Ademoyo’s article “Of Snipers, Unresolved Murders, and All That” is very painful to read as a Nigerian and of course it should be a concern for everyone as ‘iku to n pa ojugba eni, owe lo n pa fun ni.’  The article was about the unresolved case surrounding assassination of Bola Ige, more details here

While the death of Bola Ige was a big blow to Nigeria, so are many, many more people famous or otherwise, politicians, lecturers, colleagues, market women, fathers, mothers, students  etc get murdered and all we did was shout and shortly all is swept under the carpet. And don’t forget, next time it might be either you or family or someone…

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