Epilepsy – Brain disorder or witches’ spell?


Yoruba myths can be fascinating.

Most of the explanations given to justify myths are very confusing and it is still confusing today even with Christianity ever present in the country – rather than shedding lights into the paths of people, religion is just making everything even more difficult to make any sense of anything.

My uncle’s wife, Esther in her 60s now, a very nice woman that I have known since I was little, hard working, minding her business most of the time. She is as normal as any human being could be except that she is epileptic. When I was little, she used to have seizures quite regularly, because of this she is usually very guarded and only get out when needed to. She became a source shame to everyone around her. Actually, she was treated as if epilepsy is contagious. I grew up seeing loads of people periodically coming…

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