Human body part for money rituals


The myth of human ritual for money in Nigeria has been kept for ages because we, Nigerians allowed it to last for this long.

Human sacrifice has been around since the beginning of history, however, in modern times, the practice has become rare partly because of religion and also because the practice is seen as murder case, inhumane, which truly is. More on history of human sacrifice around the world.

In today Nigeria, the practice of human ritual is as common practice as it was long time ago, only difference is that it is disguised in different forms. How could you turn human body parts into money making machine just by mixing some potion together, how do we even come to believing this is possible?  Do we think we are the only people on the planet and that most people in the country were so gullible that they will…

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Misguided view of infertility and the rise of baby factories in Nigeria


I have heard lots of bible stories about barren women. A common example was Sarah and how she gave birth to Abraham after she was well passed her child bearing age. Now, I bet there were huge difference between child bearing age at that time compared to today. Lots of stories like these were very much taken face value in Nigeria therefore lots of people were in conflicts with what to believe, the religious quotes of the past or the science of today.

The term ‘barren’ is a stigma that is usually associated with women, so if a union did not produce a child, first and foremost the woman in the relationship is the one to blame for the childlessness of the couple. In Nigeria especially, only in very rare cases would the man allowed himself to be tested especially if he had normal regular erections, which in itself is not…

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