Breadfruit male flowers as effective mosquitoe repellant for Africans


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A colleague recently asked if I knew breadfruit, “yeah man!” I enthused. “How come Richard didn’t know anything about this delicious food” Mrs Kennedy asked. I told Mrs Kennedy that posh Nigerians don’t eat breadfruit and Richard is an original Lagos boy. Breadfruit in Nigeria is seen as poor people’s food, we choose food based on economic status and not necessarily for their nutritional values.

Breadfruit – gbere or jaloke as we call it in southwest grow easily as in many tropical countries. Mrs Kennedy thought we were missing out on a very important staple if Nigerians see it as poor people’s food. She talked about variety of ways in which breadfruit can be enjoyed. Folks in Hawaii and the Caribbean eat breadfruit as main meal as well as for snacks, it is perfect substitute for rice, yam, cassava, pasta etc. A brief online search confirms a lot of what…

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