FGM: Educate women using all medium possible


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Female genital mutilation is one of the key issues that women especially in Africa are fighting ceaselessly to put end to. The practice is only there to inflict physical and mental pains and in some cases life long health complications that only the victims live to bear.

Raising awareness on issue such as this can not be left for government bodies alone. To achieve results, we need to involve and educate religious leaders and apply enough pressure on them until they comply especially those with “Mission House” attached to their church. Lots of churches in Nigeria, especially Pentecostal churches have clinics for both ante and post natal care. Locally, they are called Mission House. This is usually head by an older female church member sometimes pastor’s wife who has gone though informal training of midwifery.

Mission Mother does physical assessments on the expectant mothers, some of which are first time mothers…

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